Motton roll rules ... Hangla

Kainaz took a detour to Hangla at Lokhandwala while returning from her mama's at Amboli. And She wants me to stress on the fact that the detour was fraught with possibilities of high traffic.

She was going to get three chicken rolls for us and one mutton (or motton as they say in Kolkata) for herself.

I moaned with ecstasy as I took each bite of the roll. The chicken was so pliant, soft and tender. Then we realised that the kind folks had packed three muttons and one chicken. What I just ate was muttone. The chicken, as expected, was chunky and a let down after the mutton.

Moral of the story... shut your eyes and have the mutton rolls at Hangla.

Note: Kainaz said that the folks were quite customer friendly and agreed to her requests of fried onions without a murmur. I guess that's the only un- Kolkata part about Hangla.


oh my. slurp drool drool. i am a hangla. with a stomach that just can't stomach my hanglaness!
Kalyan Karmakar said…
hangla roll drool... inevitable