Mr Chow - fall of the Ming dynasty

This place which was full of promise seems to have really gone down the drains. A few recent experiences:

  • Ordered Chicken sweet corn soup the day I had the flu - as sweet as rasagulla syrup, more lumps than in the throats of bunch of college girl's watching The Titanic
  • Chicken in oyster sauce - recommended by them when I wanted a dry soy based dry side dish - a thin, brown, salty liquid
  • Chicken in black bean sauce - I felt like a black bean past stir fry. Told them that. Got chicken in a black swamp
  • Spring roll which comes with their combos - reminiscent of Bheema's (the warrior price from The Mahabharata's) mace

I rest my case. Sad to see a place shift from Mumbai Highs to Mumbai Lows.


noooooooo. mr chow is my favourite.
dariya to my boat. tabla to my raga.

the noodles, with chicken and lotsa veges are scrumptious. and the kung pao chicken...wowoeee. shall wait for the stomach to settle and try them. and if they have really sunk to the bottom of the kitchen heap, then with a tear in my eye i shall tear their menu.
Kalyan Karmakar said…
Asia Wok's Kung pao chicken's a good bet normally. Ketchup, cashews and deep fried chicken are a sure shot.

Do get well QUICKLY and order and see. Hopefully mine was a three off. Even the fried rice was very uninspiring.

Asia Wok is my favoured delivery place now.

Hope your stomach settles down soon. Khaane Khaas is a good option if your stomach's low and you can't cook at home. You can even tell them and they will make stuff really bland for you.