Mr Chow - fall of the Ming dynasty

This place which was full of promise seems to have really gone down the drains. A few recent experiences:

  • Ordered Chicken sweet corn soup the day I had the flu - as sweet as rasagulla syrup, more lumps than in the throats of bunch of college girl's watching The Titanic
  • Chicken in oyster sauce - recommended by them when I wanted a dry soy based dry side dish - a thin, brown, salty liquid
  • Chicken in black bean sauce - I felt like a black bean past stir fry. Told them that. Got chicken in a black swamp
  • Spring roll which comes with their combos - reminiscent of Bheema's (the warrior price from The Mahabharata's) mace

I rest my case. Sad to see a place shift from Mumbai Highs to Mumbai Lows.