Raw deal ... Steak House, Bandra

I was a bit conscious of the fact that I'd not been to a new restaurant for a while. I realised that most of my recent posts were general features and recipes. Nothing for those who want new dining ideas.

We finally went out for dinner last night as our maid hadn't come for a couple of days and the dishes had piled up. That's when we made the mistake of going to the Steak House at Pali Naka. We'd been planning to try out this place for a while and this seemed to be a good opportunity.

We went in and saw that it was a small place with a bit of an identity crisis. There were about 6,7 tables with stark white walls and a minimalist decor. The owner hadn't stuck to the 'steak' theme. They served hookahs or Sheeshas which were Middle East than steak. This made the restaurant a bit smokey. The first 3,4 pages of the menu had Oriental dishes (Chinese, Thai) and we had to patiently turn the pages to reach the steaks and other continental dishes.

We started a spaghetti ali oili (not 100 p c sure of the spelling). We had it with penne though. We have earlier had this very light, tossed in olive oil pasta at Out Of The Blue and really enjoyed it. The one here was chewy and fried (!). It was almost an Indian tadka version. I think they had used dried Indian red chillies unlike paprika. Very cloyee and oily.

We followed this with a fish steak in lemon pepper sauce. We requested them to give us mashed potatoes instead of rice. That was a wise decision as the mash was the best and only good part of the dish. The fish seemed more fried than grilled. The fish was definitely geriatric and was as stale as an eighties Hindi film. The steak was quite hard and looked dark. Neither of us proceeded beyond a bite.

I think the maitre de figured out that we were quite disappointed with the food and came and asked us how we found the food. I muttered 'fine' under my breath, paid an outrageous Rs 700 (14 USD) for the two dishes and two ice teas and ran out.

There is a phrase in Hindi ... ghar ka mudgi daal barabar (chicken cooked at home seems as boring as lentil soup or familiarity breeds contempt).

Why bother with new places when one has the tried and tested Out of the Blue, Red box and Salt Water Cafe for continental fare at Bandra?


Scarlett said…
I'm the kind of person who tells the waiter/owner exactly how bad the food is especially if I'm paying a good amount. No 'bhadralok-ness' for me! But A is exactly the opposite - he thinks that's disgusting & very lower middle-class...LOL!
Kalyan Karmakar said…
I am generally not too fond of confrontation... and it was a long day, I wanted to go home (back from a buy your drink party) and K had a hassled day at work and wanted a good meal... so was even more sour...didn't have the fight left in us. So I decided to Finely Chop them later
I don't like saying how I feel either but Lon let's them know if he thinks it stinks. At steakhouses, I do send it back if the steak is not medium rare though.
Rahul Ghosh said…
Any place that serves Italian, Chinese and calls itself Steakhouse deserves to be chopped, minced and then microwaved. But then that's a dilemma faced by every mediocre restaurant with delusions of success. To explore the brave, uncertain world of speciality cuisine or turn to the tried and tested mishmash of Chinese and Continental and whatever-they-want.

The last time I went to Steakhouse they served a decent steak. Sad to see them go southbound.

A suggestion. My Bombay born-and-bred friends/colleagues have always balked at the thought of having sea food during the monsoons. Now as a Bong, the thought of forsaking 'pheesh' during any season (especially monsoon) is sacrilegious. But experience has taught me that the sea fish indeed tastes funny during the monsoons.

Now I dunno what variety was staking in your fish steak, but perhaps it is a good idea to avoid sea food...as for our river beauties, bring 'em on.
Miri said…
My first reaction was "why, why did you not say anything?" - but then I read your reply here and it makes sense. sometimes you just want to get it over with and go!
Kalyan Karmakar said…
Hey Rahul,

Am unfortunately a bit 'faint hearted' for steaks... what with cholesterol and stuff. But the bigger point is that I don't even remember seeing steaks on the menu. Given that they call themselves Steakhouse, steaks should have screamed out at one from the menu card.

Your point on the fish was a valid one. the river beauties have been good though. Bought some lovely rui from Khar and made a batch when Kaushik and gang came a week later...jobordost

Hey Miri, this was one of those nights... poor K was just dying to run out...House of Horrors would have been a more apt name