Wake up and smell the coffee ... Mocha, Churchgate

We went to the Mocha at Churchgate last evening.

They took FORTY MINUTES to get our order. That too after I got up and chased them twice.

The waiter apologised and said that there was no one to make the coffee so he had to make it himself. I believe him. The cappuccino tasted like the insipid, frothy stuff that you get in coffee machines.

Though to be fair, the food orders sali per eendu (with a lot of garam masala though) and the mushroom bruschetta (well flavoured, right amount of cheese, nice mushrooms) were quite tasty and the four of us enjoyed it.

I guess it's a good place to go if you have time to kill. Not if you are harrowed executives on the run.


Scarlett said…
I went to the Hill Road Mocha for breakfast once. There were 4 of us & they were bringing our orders one at a time, with a 25-30 min gap between each. Mine didn't come till about 2 hours after placing the order - it was a simple Spanish omelet. I got so furious, given the place wasn't even half full! I asked them to drop it & I've never gone back to any Mocha since.
Kalyan Karmakar said…
seems to be a chronic problem with them. To think that I'd suggested the Tea Centre but one of the group felt that they would take too much time