Bern to eat ... Camp Switzerland

Have you ever been a long trip and missed home food.

Funnily enough while signs of daal makhani and butter chicken at Interlaken didn't turn me on, I really began to miss Chinese food from yesterday! Strange as it sounds, the call of Ajino moto got too much for me.

We headed back to Bern today from Lucerne in search of an Psychiatry Museum that K wanted to see. I was OK with that because I knew that there was a Chinese takeaway at Bern Station called Su Long. I had a ham fried there today which was really nice, salty like I like it and well flavoured. The ham reminded me of Jimmy's kitchen in Calcutta which is one of the few places to offer ham fried rice in India. And it had peas like my Mom used to put in fried rice. Went very well with the fried shrimps. Fried and breadcrumb coated shrimps are big here and you even get it at Mac D.

Smoked salmon's the same price as other meats in Switzerland so we have been maxing the salmon canapes, bagels and pizzas here as they cost a bomb in India.

Had a very well flavoured waffle with Movenpick Ice cream ön the streets of Bern on our way back to Lucerne. It was amazing to see the waffle retain its taste even as it went cold. Cold waffles taste so rubbery to eat in India. The waffles and ice cream brought fresh life into me as I was a bit weary after the million train rides. The healing power of food is amazing.

Came back to Lucerne to a hot Starbucks Coffee.

Our plan for tomorrow is to stay in the same city for once for a whole day.