Confession time ... grilled fish in peri peri sauce with sinful mashed potatoes

We got back from a lovely one year old's birthday party a while back.

I OD'd at the dessert counter. But there was lovely kulfi with faluda and an unending supply of jalebi fresh from the frying pan. With rabri. I gave in. Many times. And now have a sugar fix.

I feel that it is safe to stick to short posts, often on what I call 'lazy cooking' at this late hour.

So this is a story of how I demystified the humble mash potatoes.

Most of us have grown up on mashed potatoes. Either in its Western form with milk and butter or sometimes, with onions and green chillies, as we did in the East along with soggy, starchy rice. Alu sheddo bhat (boiled potato and rice), as it was called saw us through many a night when it was raining or when my mother was working late.

I've tried making mashed potatoes at home in the past with milk, butter and then gnashing it with a spoon or fork. It was nice but never had the creamy consistency of restaurant mash.

Then I tried something a few days back which worked wonderfully.

I boiled 4 potatoes and skinned them. Put them into a blender. Yes, that's the magic touch!!! Added a tablespoon of butter, a teaspoon of garlic paste, 1/3 cup of milk, a teaspoon of salt and a bit of crushed pepper and chilly flakes.

Gave it a nice whip in the blender. Voila, had the most incredibly creamy mashed potato ever.

We had this with some fish grilled in peri peri sauce.

Sounds fancy? We had some pomfret which was cut into pieces. Smeared these with a teaspoon of peri peri sauce in each side, salt, crushed pepper and a bit of thyme. Put it in the micro in the combi (grill + cooking) mode for ten minutes. Took it out, gently turned the fish over. Added a bit more peri peri sauce on the side facing upwards. Put it in combi for another ten minutes.

Net result?

A fancy dish which was healthy (grilled fish) and sinful (creamy mash) and can be cooked in your sleep.

Notes: How to make Peri Peri sauce

  • Go to any food shop which stocks foreign goods
  • Pick a bottle of Nando's Peri Peri Sauce. Rs 125, 4-5 servings
  • If you are not into lazy cooking then this is an African sauce which is tangy (lemon juice), spicy (chilly bits) and seems to have some garlic in it


thats an easy trick to mashed potatoes. my kids love it...
Indrani said…
It's definitely a fancy,easy yet healthy dish...You wanted to know more about the fish event in my blog...published the round-up, it is quite a successful event with 49 fish recipes from different cuisine. come and see for yourself...
Sudeshna said…
Jalebi and rabdi together, oh, am feeling so jealous :D.
Is it possible to cook the pomfret in any other way to get the same taste, I don't have that combi grill facility in my microwave oven
Sharmila said…
Am wondering if the garlic paste will go well .. but I'll take your word for it. The rest of the combi sounds great. :-)
I always go for tandoori pomfret instead of peri peri .. which incidentally I love chicken in. :-)
Unknown said…
I came to your blog via Sandeepa's and have spent the whole afternoon and some of the evening going back and forth on your blog. It's brilliant !
Creativecook said…
Absolutely love mashed potatoes, in any form - eastern, western and now I will try it at some point of time whipped!
Kalyan Karmakar said…
Somoo, Creative Cook, whipping gives it a lovely, restaurant like touch to the mash.

Sharmila, trust me :)

Sudeshna, you can use the regular cook function. perhaps 7 minutes each side. An expert chef would know if its done. The only problem of keeping the fish in a plate versus on a griller is that the juice will collect. This could make the fish a bit soggy. So might make sense to spoon out some when you turn the fish.

Eve's lungs, what an evocative name, and thanks so much for the lovely feedback. Saw it just before i went to sleep. And slept very well
Kalyan Karmakar said…
Indrani, my wife's a big fish fan so the recipes on your blog would be a treasure trove
Serendipity said…
this might interest you!
Miri said…
Yummy - those mashed potatoes sound absolutely delicious!

I used to struggle with creamy mashed potatoes too - till a dear friend very kindly gifted me a potato ricer she saw me drooling over in Home Stop....:)

Anonymous said…
First time here and absolutely loved it!! Great blog u have here!!
Kalyan Karmakar said…
Hey Arundhati welcome to my finely chopped world. So glad that you liked it. Been out of home for a fortnight so am itching to cook