Fondue finally... Camp Interlaken

We are in the uninspiring town of Interlaken.

After Zermatt, Interlaken it is a bit like watching Mohabbatein after watching Silsila. Both films by Switzerland's biggest ambassador, Yash Chopra.

The town is full of Indians and you feel like you are walking in Dadar market. The town's a bit dull to say the least. And we will be here for three days!

But we did find fondue everywhere for a change and went to a most delightful little cafe called Bebbe (?) which was manned by a couple of very friends boys. One who would often break into a Hindi song.

The place smelt of good fondue and didn't disappoint us. There baseline was 'happiness and fun' and they definitely warmed our hearts. One of them very sweetly offered to teach us how to eat a fondue and was thrilled to know that we had had them back home.

How was the fondue? Richer than the ones back home. I was quite tired before dinner. Blogging away energetically after the fondue.