Jamming at Montreux

Hey, we are at Montreux. Been here since Monday.

The hotel has a 24 hr biz centre. But was too zonked at night. Then I realised that I wake up early because of the time difference so this made more sense. Montreux inspired Byron, Mary Shelly and Alexander Dumas to write. At least they didn't have to decipher maddening French keyboards. This is also the town where aapro Freddie did his last recording and where Deep Purple penned Smoke on the water when the local casino burnt down.

Shahil, Sudeshna, Spice and More, thanks for commenting. Can't answer all right now as I need to rush for the conference I have come for. But felt gread to hear from you all.

I presented my paper yesterday. Felt very cool as, at the risk of sounding pompous, but that never stopped me, ended up being an ambassador for India.

Breakfast so far has been croissants, Nutella and coffe. I love it. Kainaz is freaking out.

A quick food update. Had a most amazing pizza at Pizzeria by the lake. Very different from what we get in India. Thin slices of a very elegant, Ementhal cheese, not the melted goop of Dominos back home. NO tomato puree. Fresh rocquette leaves and cherry tomatoes. Most amazing pepperoni. Menu was in French and we struck lucky when Kainaz saw salami and ordered this. There was no salami though.

We had some very indifferent past the other night but I am not a fan of creamy tomato sauces. I like it white or green.

I tasted three amazing local cheeses at a counter in our market research (!) conference. One had a sharp salty taste to it, another had a fruity after taste, a nougat like crunch and yet wasn't sweet, the third had a lovely smoked taste to it without actually being sweet.

There apparently is a whole day chocolate and cheese train tour from here. Can you guys please write telling K that it is worth it.

Now where is the question mark. Ahh here it is...now where is the exclamation mark? allo allo elp

There is a nice Lebanese Turkish place called Paradise where we had a very creamy fried veal sausage and great lamb kebabs among other things. The 'kebabs' are more like the Turkish doner kebabs. Bits of shwarma meat.

Switching over to the my travel blog now http://www.farawaydiaries.com/ See you there and promise you lots of photos later.


k said…
post starbucks i am freaking out lot less
Sharmila said…
Have been following your posts but did not comment as u mentioned u wldn't be having your comp :-p
Ok ... bad excuse. Can't wait for the snaps ... and of course the food details too. :-)
You are not being fair to K .. get something she loves eat ... it's her trip too. ;-)
Kalyan Karmakar said…
i thought i must reply on phone before i come across as a wife beater :) k loves continental food, loved the pizza, loved the pasta i didnt like and loves starbucks. I am going on a starbucks date with her to the town of veve in between the conference and the banquet