Restaurant Bebbie ... a spot of sunshine, Camp Switzerland

It is amazing how good food and kind people can make the world seem lovely at dire times.

If Interlaken and Hotel Oberland were dark clouds in our magical Switzerland holiday, then Bebbie the charming restaurant outside the station, was the sliver lining.

We had dinner for three nights there. Loved the place with its bright and warm staff dressed in black and white leapord spotted pants. The 'boss' with an exaggerated welcome of 'take any table you want' and the two smiling boys with equally warm smiles including one of them who broke into 'shukriya' and sang 'koi kahen' from Dil Chahata Hain when he saw us made one feel warm in the chily night.

We had some love fondue, raclette (melted cheese with potatoes), rosti (which K liked) and roast pork.

Coming to this restaurant always brought a smile to our faces and we forgot the dreary hotel that we'd have to return to for a while.

It was symbolic that the 'boss' gave us free ice creams on our last day. I asked him if we could photograph him. He put his arm around K and said in an exaggerated American accent, 'now you have a real man beside you ... just joking''.

Just as he did with the earlier couple who wanted a photo with him.

Yes we do have fond memoriesof Bebbies whose baseline is 'happiness and fun'.


Bong Mom said…
Durga Pujo'r shubhechcha Kalyan and Kainaz
Kalyan Karmakar said…
Thanks Sandeepa Shhubho Ashtomi and Sharodiya Shubbhecha to you and your family from us :)