Spa cooking

I was dead beat when I returned from work yesterday.

I took a Cetzine in the morning because of a sneezing bout. Was in a daze through the rest of the day. My driver was AWOL and I had to drive and got a back ache too. Went sweater shopping in between for next week's Switzerland trip. Ironically, felt like a broiled lobster, as I was in a dingy cab in a hot and dusty afternoon. A far cry from Jungfrau. Almost dozed off while driving back.

Felt pretty much like mustard seeds in an oil press when I returned home.

Then I made a marinade for posto ilish before I took a shower.

I felt my troubles ease away and the smile return to my face as I put the crushed posto (poppy), mustard, chilly, turmeric, salt in the curd and gave the mix a nice whip in the blender. It was almost as if I got a nice, relaxing massage along with all the masala.

Nothing like the world of food to unwind in.