Stop press

Call me old fashioned if you must but I belong to a generation to whom print is king. I doubt if I'll ever pick up an e book over a well dog eared book. And I did cartwheels when I saw my article come out in the Mumbai Mirror, and as S, who made it happen, points out, full page :)

This was a feature on Cappadoccia, Turkey, based on my blog posts in Faraway Diaries. I don't get to update this blog too frequenbtly. I don't travel as often as I eat. The Switzerland and Dubai trips coming up should give some fodder.

Here's the link to the actual article. I know it's largely on travel but there is a bit on food at the end. Keep this to yourself but the food part is from Istanbul but some inspired editing and a need to fill the page got it there.

In a way it is Finely Chopped which started it all as S contacted me after reading it. The result was piece on the food scene at Singapore.

Can't wait for the next one.

PS: Just to set the record straight 'I' didn't splurge. Museum was a gift from K. So there, I hope to get into her good books by blaming it on the media


Anonymous said…
hahahahaha....I stand corrected..blame it on media!! hmppph
Anonymous said…
hahahahaha....I stand corrected..blame it on media!!and I really needed to fill the page so did a little bit of cheating...hmppph
i saw that. and the name caught my eye. nice article. : )
Anonymous said… cool...will go read it now :)
Hi Kalyan - Nice article - I came by from you other blog and was pleasantly surprised to see what a foodie you are. Just yesterday my husband suggested that we should try out some Bengali recipes and here you are giving them away! It's a pleasure to read all your blogs. Take care.
wow - in print! Cause for celebration...
Scarlett said…
Oh, tres cool :)
Kalyan Banerjee said…
Great stuff Kalyan, Congrats. Seems like these are your publishing days - first the research paper and now the newspaper. :) Any other publication too?

But rightly said, a dog eared book over an eBook. Anyday.
Kalyan Karmakar said…
@S: i never argue with the editor specially when she gets me a full page

AGG: just the place to go now that you have bid them farewell at work

@Kalyan... thanks pal, an interview on my friend Kirti's feastguru. Thank God for dog eared books

Colourmesunshine...hope you surived it :)


Serendipity... you now have a post named after you for the thumbs up

Somoo...true...did mental cartwheels

Hey Corinne...thanks so much. remember the first post you read was based at Hearsch's? I am an intuitive cook so my recipes might not be very traditional. You can try some of these for the 'real thing'