Auf Wiederschen Zurich...Merci Swizerland

We left Zurich and Switzerland last night. And what a send off it was!

We lazed around in the hotel after a hearty breakfast of cheese and meats followed by some heavy blogging in their business centre.

We headed to the City Square in the old section of Zurich. The town was looking a lot more alive than the previous night under the bright sun. The cobbled streets which looked surreal last night looked warm and friendly in the afternoon.

And we had lunch at the Sprungli Cafe. THE SPRUNGLI? Of Lindt and Sprungli fame! A chocolatier and a lovely cafe on the ground floor and restaurant on the first. I think that it was manned only by women. Very elegant place and the prices were similar to that of the departmental store food.

We had some lovely smoked salmon canapes and some very rich and cheesy bacon quiches. Had to have a chocolaty thing there and we had this most sublime chocolate mousse pastry. I had a ‘kaffe with crème’ (coffee with cream). They serve the most amazing coffee in Switzerland and at Sprungli they served with a little block of Lindt dark chocolate.

Many photos at Sprungli later we stumbled into a shop with some of the cheapest bargains in all of Switzerland. Some more last minute shopping including Swiss wine which a friend asked for, and was later confiscated at the airport, and we stumbled upon a cafe called Sterner,
Had a lovely grilled sausage, ribbed and very well flavoured and juicier than the Niagara... it came with a mustard dip and a crusty brown bread roll. Locals had it with a mug of wine.

Kainaz's last Starbucks coffee... more pictures... and we were off to my Mashi and Mesho's at Dubai after nearly missing our flight.