Dubai titbits.... Camp Dubai

We have stopped at my uncle and Chhotomashi's place at Dubai on the way back from Switzerland.

More of a family visit than a touristy thing. Went to a couple of malls. Guess we will go to more. After Switzerland we don’t dare to come out of the AC. A short walk in the open this evening and both I and the unsalted butter we picked for K’s dad were melting in the heat.

One thing I’ve observed here is that the coffee shop food and snacks is as expensive as that in Switzerland. Which is saying a lot given that Lonely Planet describes Switzerland as expensive even for Westerners.

I had some Chinese in the food court of a mall this afternoon which was similar to our Indian Chinese. This is not surprising given that Indians are one of the largest immigrant communities here. I missed the fried rice of Chinese run shops of Switzerland though.

But good to be with family after a long break. My aunt made my favourite fish head daal the day we arrived which was like seeing a floor mat with ‘welome home’ written on it. This evening she had made a chicken curry which tasted exactly like what Didu, my granny, and her mom makes. Can’t begin to say how good it felt to eat that. A Durga Puja treat after Durga puja.

By the way the food at Dubai is expensive but quite good. The four of us ate at a place called Chilly at the Festival Mall last night. I was really impressed by the quality of the grilled chicken breast and fish which were a lot tender than what we get in Mumbai restaurant. We also had a beef steak fry which was a lot juicier than the rather dry Cordon Bleu (same principle, meat covered in bread crumbs and fried) which we had at our last night at Zurich.

More malls tomorrow I guess.


Sudeshna said…
Bijayar priti o suvecha tomai abong tomar paribar ke
Kalyan Karmakar said…
Thanks Sudeshna. Shubho Bijoya to you too. How did the cook book go?