A fresh look at pizzas .... Switzerland

If you have suffered through chicken tikka, paneer schezwan and spongy tasteless cheese ring pizzas then this is a post for you.

Our first lunch at Montruex when we went to the lakeside. The lake which K gave her heart to over the next few days. We came upon Ristorante Pizzeria over there. They are a pizza and pasta place with lovely cane chairs by the lake and indoor seating too. We later realised that it was a chain as we spotted them at Bern and Zurich too.

The menu was in French, I was hungry after my paper rehearsals and a bit stressed and edgy as I am when hunger pangs hit me. We couldn't make much sense of the menu till K spotted a pizza called 'Da Vinci' whose description included the word 'salami'. She rose highly in my esteem as our pizza turned out to be a fantastic work of art. As far removed from the melted cheese and tomato puree pizzas you get here as a real Tarantino film is from Kaminey. No melted cheese or pulped tomato. Firm slices of Parmesan cheese, melted blobs of buffalo mozzarella, pepperoni (not salami as we know it!), fresh cherry tomatoes and rocquette leaves. The crust was closer to a tandoori roti rather than the uniform pizza base you get here. A renaissance master piece.
I took the first bite and I knew that I would love Switzerland.

Loved it so much that we had to have it once again. And through a lovely coincidence it happened to be on the second last day of the holiday, at Zurich.

Another memorable pizza during the trip was at Grampis at Zermat. This was one of the restaurants that were open till midnight at sleepy Switzerland. It was a smoked salmon pizza where the salmon was very delicate. The cheese was melted here but very well flavoured and subtle.
Note: One advantage of having pizzas is that you can share it which helps bring down your expense in a sit down place. Didn't see any Europeans sharing dishes but most Asians were. So you know where the world's money lies.

Just to give you a price perspective. The average price of a pizza in a sit down place was 25 CHF or around Rs 1100! Individual dishes cost the same. So like Joey said, it's all about 'sharing and caring and giving'