Inglorious mall rats ... Camp Dubai

K and I have been staying put under the shelter of air con in Dubai.

We went to the Dubai Mall this afternoon. Took the Metro. And then the air conditioned feeder bus.

Headed straight for the food court. Had our healthiest meal in two weeks, at a Lebanese stall. We shared a chicken shwarma, hummus, or ‘hommous’ as they call it here, pita bread and a diet Pepsi. The shwarma was quite different in a better way from Mumbai. The chicken was more delicately flavoured. And they did not add French fries and mayo unlike back home. The Hummus was really good. Subtle. A cool and soothing antidote to the thirty seconds we had to walk with air conditioning from the bus to the mall. K said that it was the best hummus that she has ever had.

We followed it up with some lovely Haagen Dasz ice cream. K had a very chocolaty ‘Midnight Cookies’ where every bite was full of cookies according to her. Thanks to my aunt’ coupon book we had another free. I used it to have a ‘strawberry cheesecake’ which was sweet, creamy and caramelish the way I like it.

Bus, metro back and we landed at another mall. Burj Al Arab? There are so many ‘Burj’s’ here that it can be quite confusing.

Finished our day with K’s Starbucks pilgrimage.

I found the coffee a bit lame and limp compared to the ones at Switzerland including at Starbucks there. On the plus side the coffee was piping hot.

By the way any takers for my theory that Haagen Dasz is named after a Bengali called Hogen Das?

PS Can't wait to see the new Tarantino