Life is like a box of chocolates...

Soon after we landed at Switzerland K said that she would have a chocolate in every chocolaterie in every town we visited.
She claims that she actually said that she would visit ONE chocolaterie in EACH town and have A chocolate.
I prefer my version of what she said.
Chocolates are a big tourist draw in Switzerland. And we weren't the only ones on a chocolate high.
We would often go in and buy a chocolate a piece each or buy a small piece broken from a chocolate slab. The ladies in the shopes wouldn't mind our puny order and would look as cheerful as a Gujarati shopkeeper tending to a Punjabi lady buying ten kilos of mithai for Diwali.
The truffles are soft centred. If that's not to your taste then they have hard ones too. And are happy enough to explain the intricacies of each Enough stuff with nuts for nutty food lovers like me. And dark chocolate, the universal passion of all women. I don't get the point of having sweets which are not sweet though. The slabs (dark with hazelnut) at Merkur (the chocolaterie chain) were as good as Ricky promised. I liked the mithai-ish white chocolate slabs too.
I am sure Switzerland toppled over once we left given the amount of chocolates K bought for folks back home. I wish I hadn't been brave and didn't say that there was no need to buy for me.
If you don't want to buy Lindt and Toblerone then the departmental stores - Migros, C0-op - are good bets for chocolates as gifts. Those didn't do for K though as she prided herself in her taste of chocolates and scurried the streets to search for the best to bring back.
As you see she had a whale of a time. Switzerland sung to her after all.
Call me a slave to branding but my personal high came from our visit to the Sprungli Cafe, of LINDT and Sprungli fame, in Zurich. And the Nutella croissants at breakfast at Montruex.


You just helped Switzerland move up on our travel list.
Scarlett said…
Do you know how evil & cruel you've just become in my eyes? A thousand times more than when you mention the baked strawberry cheesecake at 5 Spice!! Those slabs of chocolates just lying there like that are a killer, man.
A post on chocolates and that from Switzerland - wow ! I would go crazy wondering which one to try and which one to leave...