Raclette: A hidden Swiss treasure

Blogging live at Switzerland was an awesome experience. Fresh baked posts, straight from the oven. I wondered whether I would feel like coming back and writing more posts. Whether I should let the earlier posts lie unedited, with typos, bereft of pictures? That's when K suggested that I get back and write photo posts. So here you are. My attempt at graphic novels, comic strips, photo posts, lazy writing

K and I 'touched snow' at Matterhorn at Zermatt. The mountain that features on Toblerone packs. I am sure you didn't expect a Bong and a Bawi to climb up. Three cable cars and we were up on the galcier.

We decided to 'hike' down the last part instead of taking the third cable car. Hiking meant walking down a well manicured path. Switzerland is a country which makes life easy for people.
We were walking down fairy land when we suddenly came upon a village fair. I think it was a sheep 'mela'.

And there were food stalls where locals seemed to be having a ball. Playful children, busy mothers, boisterous men, laughter, cakes and ale... an idyllic world. This is what Dilber meant when she said you can't plan a Swiss holiday.

With food stalls around, could the Knife be far behind? I went to one and discovered Raclette. You have had fondue fantasies? Well the Swiss never told us about raclette!!!! A slice of cheese, heated poured onto a plate, smeared with paprika, served with boiled potatoes, gherkins and pickled French onions. There is not greater joy know to man than eating a plate of Raclette as it begins to solidify. We couldn't have enough of it and tried it again at Bebbies at Interlaken.

I got a few slices of Raclette home Chas Barmetteler at Lucerne. You could get it at departmental stores at Switzerland too.

I plan to pop it in the micro and have it. Don't tell the Swiss that. They have little pans to melt raclette and would be shocked at my barbaric plans.

This is the post I wrote while at Zermat http://farawaydiaries.blogspot.com/2009/09/swiss-serendipity.html