Reality bites... back in Mumbai

We are back in Bombay. Oops! Mumbai.

I heard about the latest controversy on the Bombay Mumbai the when I updated my Facebook status about having ‘Koffee with Karan in Gloria Jean's’. Apparently Karan Johar, who was there at G J on Saturday, was in trouble as he used the B word in one of his new films.

Talking of Gloria Jeans', you should have seen the look on Kainaz’s face when she got her usual order of ‘small cappuccino in a takeaway cup’. She had ‘dude where’s the rest of my coffee’ written all over. The cup did seem rather tiny in comparison to the long legged ones of the ‘tall’ (small) cappuccino of Starbucks and the small cappuccino of Costa which we’d got used to over the past three weeks.

And those who are wondering whether I headed straight to Candies, yes did pick up breakfast from there this morning.

Spent the last two days feasting on ‘home food’ which my Mom in Law had cooked for us and kept in the fridge while getting the house cleaned for us.

Office in a few hours.

When’s the Diwali break.

I can’t connect to the broadband at home. Using the crummy net card. So will be a while before I can upload the holiday pics.


Ahh...the stress of getting home from vacation. Tired, but there's too much to do.
Welcome back... Have been reading your travel/food stories... You do know how to find the best food at each place...
Pallavi said…
I will have to def. check out Gloria Jeans. Have heard a lot about it lately. I found it a slightly odd name for a coffee shop but have heard it has good coffee to offer :) will post my feedback on this post again, after visiting GJ.
Kalyan Karmakar said…
@Jessica...true there's no place like home though. Talking of things to do there were roaches this time and a dead rat after our previous trip.... and standard stuff like unpacking.

@Somoo thanks so much. I guess good food soughnt me out too. Happy Durga Puja

@Pallavi: i think GJ is an Australian chain. I saw it in Sing and Dubai. We went to it a couple of times at istabul. the bandra one at Turner Rd is small and packed. A mini celeb hang out where we've spotted K J, Santosh Sivan, the actress who played the child hooker in Dev D, Sohail Khan, etc.

We like it because the coffee, though more expensive than ccd barsista, is better and it had a nice cosy feel to the place. of late they have cluttered it as they are piling in tables inside.

They have a bigger outlet at one of the malls.
Sharmila said…
WB Kalyan! :-)