Let there be light ... rui kaalia in focus

In case you remember I was fretting about our light scene at home for photographs. Well we finally got our electrician to set up the chirpy yellow table lamp which K picked for me at Ikea, Dubai.

Look at the photos which Kainaz took of tonights' rui kaalia dinner. Problem solved. And how.

I don't think that I have ever written my recipe for rui kaali, the quintessential Bengali wedding feast dish.

So here are the instructions (translated into English from my Bengali Hindi) I gave Banu, my sous chef and maid, this afternoon.

  • Cut two potatoes into cubes and par boil them
  • Take five pieces of rui
  • Smear both of the above with turmeric salt and chilly powder and fry them and set aside
  • Make a masala paste of a tea spoon each turmeric, jeera (cummin) and dhaniya (coriander) powders and half a tea spoon each of red chilly poder and garam masala powder and sugar with a bit of water


  • Take a bit of oil in a pan
  • Once heated, add some white jeera (cummin) seeds, whole garam masalas, dry red chillies and bay leaves and let them roast
  • Add half a ground onion/ shallot and toss till it becomes brown
  • Add a tea spoon of ginger paste
  • Add half a ground tomato and let this cook
  • Add the masala paste to onion, tomato, ginger mix
  • Stir, add 2 small cups of water
  • Bring the sauce to boil
  • Add the fish and potatoes to the sauce
  • Add salt
  • Let it boil on high flame for 3,4 minutes and then simmer on low flame for 7,10 minutes
  • Garnish with coriander and split green chillies
  • Serve with steamed rice

Pushpa and her mom out did themselves with the fish this time. The rui was from a seven kilo whopper, juicy like a hot piece of gossip.


Malar Gandhi said…
Whoo, potatoes look very tempting. Yummo'.
Are there any genies around? If there is one, please please make this food pop out of my computer screen. It looooks sooooo mouth watering.
Miri said…
I love love the lamp - hubby and me have been looking for one like this for a long time now! Sigh - an Ikea shopping trip is sorely in order - i have my list typed and ready!

The fish looks delicious - have had rui just once and loved it!
Sharmila said…
I am about to make this ... already have some onion+ginger paste in the freezer. The lamp looks like it is serving its purpose well .. the snap looks like your desc of the fish. :-)
Pinku said…
U have made the rui kaalia look and sound so good....am salivating...though in general am not such a big fish lover.
I love that lamp, so cute and perfect for its job.
The fish looks awesome, we prepare it same way, dont call it the same though...
Anonymous said…
oo... looks delicious and makes me miss home. In fact, just looking at the Flury's pastry made me miss home!
Rhea said…
OMG, that looks lip-smackingly yummy!
Bong Mom said…
Pushpa ar Pushpa'r ma bhaloi jogar korecho. Rui Kalia looks byapok
Kalyan Karmakar said…
wow no photo that I have taken has got so many comments :)

Hey Malar curries without potatoes are unthinkable. i think we are closet Russians

Hi Ryan, do let me know if you get the number of the genie. There are so many lip smacking pics on the web...including in the site of some of the folks who have commented here

Miri, Pinku, I am not a big fish eater too but have a soft spot for rui. This was a vintage cut

Sharmila, i am sure you have made kaalia and many more magical stuff with your catch by now ...eagerly waiting

L A... hope Flurys reaches you soon

Rhea...thanks, it was quite tasty :)

Sandeepa, it was byapok indeed:) I trust Pushpa and mama p so much that I just call, ask them what they have and ask them to cut and keep it for me. Never gone wrong
spice and more said…
Looks and sounds yummy!
Kalyan Karmakar said…
S&M should we add this to the menu on the 21st then? :)
I like natural light the most so I take most of the photos outside. I know that's a real pain but....