An oasis called South City Mall(Flurys, Bijoli Grill, Cookie jar)... Kolkata Live

Most Sunday mornings see K and me heading to Candies for breakfast.

I was in Calcutta this Sunday in a land far far away from Candies and Bharti and Bliss and the gang there.

So I took off with my brother in his car to South City which has become my second home and oasis in Calcutta. After an inanely long petrol filling and PUC check we finally reached the food court where I sapped up a CCD Express cappuccino like a camel at a pond.

With some life back into me we headed to the Flurys counter and bought chicken patties for Dadu, my grandpa's birthday in the evening. We were welcomed by a warm, smiling young lady reminiscent of the cheerful ladies in the chocolateries in Switzerland. Which was fitting given that Flurys was started by a Swiss family in Calcutta. She was all bubbly ans posed for us too very sportingly. a continuation of some of the lovely folks I have come across restaurants in Calcutta this time.

Check out the lovely cubed pastries including the shocking pink but yummy strawberry ones and the rum balls which you just can't forget. Wish I could take Flury's back with me to Mumbai.

We also made a stop at the Bijoli Grill. Even as an eight year old I knew from my dad that Bijoli Grill were the best wedding caterers in Calcutta. And that they provided the food in the Club House at The Eden Gardens. Today I had a 'fish orley', fish fillet's rolled and deep fried in a gram flour batter and served with mayo. Awe inspiring. Again I could only fervent wish that they set shop in Aamchi Mumbai. What does Dilli and Bengaluru have that we don't?

And then to the Cookie Jar outlet in the top floor. C J burst into the cal bakery scene in the eighties and really revolutionised the cake scene here. It was quite a premium joint and the rich and mighty would buy stuff from there. C J has had labour trouble since then, overcome it and has expanded too. The outlet in South City is a sign of the coming of age of the deep south in Calcutta. They still have a chip on their shoulder. The cashier, who probably hadn't had breakfast didn't allow me to take pics. Even when I told him about the honour of being featured on Finely chopped. Didn't move the sour puss.
Still the cake was a great hit and I was glad that we got a Cookie jar cake for Dadu's birthday. And I did manage a few photos at the counter.