Starting the week on a sour note ... Mc Breakfasts

I thought I must quickly write about the horrid breakfast that I had at Mc Donald's, Phoenix Mills. Especially since I waxed eloquent about it earlier.

We had an 8 AM meeting at the neighbouring Peninsular Complex. Trudged down to Mac D after that.

The shop was open. Air con was switched off. My Hash Brown was OK but lukewarm. The Sausage Mc Muffin was horrible, smelly and sour. Three of us had it and each of us hated it with a passion. At the risk of sounding cheesy, it left us with a bad taste. The pancake was fine though.

I was nearly in tears when I saw the Costa oultet on the way out. Should have gone there.

But that's the power of branding. Mc Donald's had branded their breakfasts and we were gullible and hungry adults.