Where have all the Sorpatels gone ... searching for Goan food at Bandra

I wrote about the lack of Parsi and Bengali restaurants at Bandra a while back.

But what about paucity of Catholic, Goan and East Indian places? These communities form the core of Bandra. The secret behind, I strongly believe, Bandra's cosmopolitan and all encompassing nature.

Your best for Goan food would be Candies with its mutton and vegetable chops. Mutton and prawn puffs with East Indian Masala. Its roast chicken and the slightly rare, but very good and authentic, sorpatel. Still Candies with its Ham and cheese sandwich, Sushi, Thai Curry, Hot Dogs, Rendang, Lasagne and Dal Makhni strikes me more as a World Cafe than a Goan place. And they don't have Goan Sausage fry or Vindaloos! They occasionally offer Goan prawn and fish curries though.

Then you have a couple of places near Holy Family Hospital at Hill Road. American Express, which is actually more a sandwich and pastry place. And Hearsch's which has one East Indian masala based vegetable (!) roll. Rest of its menu consists of anonymous biriyanis, burgers, chicken lollipops, mutton samosas and Hakka noodles.

There is a place called Andora close to that area. I believe that the fare is similar to Candies. Never been there myself. Any reviews folks?

There are couple of new Goan restaurants close by. One is Simply Goa at Khar. The menu here is limited but didn't fail to disappoint us on both our visits. The other one is Cafe Goa, a place that seemed to be desperate to cash on to the allure of brand Goa, without being the real Mc Coy. All glamour and no Goa.
As far as I know the only place to get Pork Sorpatel, apart from Candies, and Vindaloo at Bandra is Jude's Cold Storage at Pali Naka. They keep frozen home made versions of these which you can pop into the microwave and eat.

Most cold storages keep Goan Sausages. If you want to have them, buy some, and fry them yourselves. If you are nice K will share her foolproof recipe with you.

Or head to Martin's near Strand at Colaba. The Beef Steak Fry with onions, Goan sausage fry and Pork Vindaloo there are highly recommended.

Post Script: Suggestions and tips on where to get good Goan food or East Indian at Bandra are more than welcome