Your friendly neighbourhood Spiderman: Khane Khas

I was shaken and stirred last evening by a series of cataclysmic sneezes.

Didn't feel like having leftovers or anything spicy or my favourite comfort food of hummus and pita bread. I wanted something hot and comforting. I called up Khane Khas for help. I didn't have Nigella's number.

Here's how the call went:

Act 1

Me: Hello

Mr K K: Khane Khas (in a cheerful tune)

Me: I would like have a ddak khichdi and an alu ka tuk. Am calling from Confidence Apts

Mr KK (in a concerned voice): Sir, you haven't called in a while

Me: (some quick thinking) But I ordered 6 rumali rotis last night

Mr KK: True but you haven't ordered in a while before that

Me (giggling bashfully): Well we have a maid and she cooks now. That's why we don't order

Mr KK: How's the food blogging going sir?

Me: Oh, its going fine, thanks, I occasionally write for British Airways now

Mr KK: So glad to hear it sir. Your order will be with you soon

It's Sunday and Banu is off. She is a bit like Sehwag. I can just sit back and relax when she comes. Things are taken care of. 'When she comes' is the operative word though. She bunks like there is no tomorrow. I was OK with left over kosha chicken for lunch but not two day old rice. So I called up Khane Khas again.

Act II

Me (hesitantly): Hello

Another Mr KK (cheefully): Khane Khas

Me: I am calling from Confidence Apartments, er, could you please send me two roomali rotis please?

Mr KK: Sure sir

Me (sheepishly): Er, there is no hurry. You can send it whenever a delivery guy comes here

Mr KK (laughs): Not a problem sir we will send it to you, thanks

Post Script: The 2 roomali rotis (Rs 24 or 0.5 cents USD) are resting on my kitchen platform. Is it any wonder that I love these guys so much? And might I add, its not just because my initials are KK too.

The number of Khane Khas is 26006970


Rhea said…
Lol, cute post! Totally loved it. :-)
If only I could get a delivery from them. =(
Kalyan Karmakar said…
Thanks Rhea, you would love these guys too

Jessica... who knows, someday soon hopefully