"All is well" ... when the Cloudcutter bakes

Cloudcutter had baked a cake for M's birthday at our place. Based on my brief C suggested moist chocolate cake, melted dark chocolate, whipped cream and walnuts and then headed for the oven to create magic

M fed Kainaz a bite of the cake in the party.

Now let's go back a bit. K is the one who aroused the dormant sweet tooth in me. She introduced me to the wonderful world of chocolates. And then went off the chocolate wagon a few months back! Since then her weight loss has been a source of wonder for many and consternation for moi.

OK back to the cake ...The music was over. Our guests left.

I saw something whizzing to the fridge a few times since then. Was it a Plane? Was it a Super Mouse?

And then I saw that Eve had found her Garden of Cake.

Munch munch munch she went... oblivious to the flashing bulbs of the Blogerazzi


And then came the applause and the citations
"Where were you all this while"
"This is lust"
'This is porn"
'This is something to be tucked in the mattress of the mind"
"This is something else"
None of these, I can assure you, were meant for the dutiful husband

The Remains of the Cake ...

Well I doubt if it will last for long. K set off for a walk humming 'tonight's gonna be a good night'


k said…
corrections knife - it's 'dessert porn' to be 'tucked under the mattress of the mind'
Kalyan Karmakar said…
noted K...the Blogerazzi are famour for sensational photographs and are economical with the truth after all :)
mentalie said…
ah food porn...yum :)
Gia Fernandes said…
Hmmm... wondering if this will work on men too? Kainaz, do you have a male twin hidden somewhere?
Scarlett said…
Why's everyone calling it food 'porn'? It should be called food 'sex', shouldn't it?

And Knife, what a cake! WHAT A CAKE!! Care to share the recipe? Or is it patented by Cloudcutter?
Kalyan Karmakar said…
ladies ladies ladies

Scarlett, recip is with Cloudcutter. She has just begun baking profesionally too and her Christmas cakes went (the current header) were sold like hot cakes
Pinku said…
Kalyan Karmakar said…
Pinku: indeed!!!!!!!!!! :)