I need to call in all Voodoo doll versions of me which are out in the market.

I was just getting over the trauma of a fish bone which braised my throat recently when I slipped in the shower this morning and cracked my toe. Thankfully K was around and I have my ortho on speed dial. So am home with my toes strapped up.

Thankfully it's not my finger so I do plan to write.

But till then a cheat post on something which came on Mumbai Metrotwin recently. This is a profile of mine which appeared there. Stuff which would hopefully not be be new if you are a reader of Finely Chopped.


sayantani said…
Hi Kalyan first time on your blog and got this bad news. hows your toe now? get well soon. besides read some of the articles and loved your sense of humour.
oh!!! how is ur toe doin? I read ur blogs happen to comment this time ..
Scarlett said…
Oh God! Which toe? Can you move about? I hope it heals soon. And how'd you manage to get the fish bone out?
Pinku said…
A bangali with Fish bone stuck.....sheer disgrace!!!!

and its about time you stopped doing a Ranbir Kapoor in the shower you know...

having said all this with a frown in place....

I am hoping that you get well soon....and that your sense of humor is not affected by these tragedies.
Kalyan Karmakar said…
Sayantani, Harman, thanks so much for writing in. My toe is doing good, it's in a bit of a rut as it is stuck to the bige toe with a bandage. But hopes to break free someday.

Scarlett, it didn't get in but felt a bit choked. Specially as I had fish the next day too. Am still a bit shaken from my MRI last year.

Ranbir Kapoor in the shower. Not the vision that works for me. Actually it happened in the morning before work. The time when I am as inert as the folks in the time capsules in 2000 a Space Odessey. Or was it 2001?
Sharmila said…
Am sure that fish has been nursing something against you ... the way you have been attacking its brethren recently. ;p
The toe mishap sounds bad ... but then ... hasn't it been a while since you have dialled in food ( no mention in your posts ... so assumed). Get well soon. :-)
Kalyan Karmakar said…
Sharmila. guess I can do a movie called 'Ghosts of Fish past' :)

With the able Banu around its more giving instructions than calling in. Lunch today rice, mushuri daal, alu and begun fried in besa. Dinner liver and potato fry.

Called in yesterday afternoon when my in laws came. They are fond of the Chinese from 5 Spice here. Pa in law insisted on paying. We are never too old for our parents.