Nutella memories and twenty Hail Marys

I had planned to write about Nutella a couple of days back but was a bit tired. Then suddenly saw Bong Mom write about it from across the seven seas. So here I am back at the keyboard.

I took to Nutella during our recent trip to Switzerland. Our first hotel, Montreux Palace, served croissants, juice, coffee, butter and little tubs of Nutella for breakfast in the lobby of the adjoining Royal Palace Hotel. You could look across the serene and incredibly beautiful Lake Montreux over breakfast. The beauty of nature inspired me to new heights as I discovered a most sensual taste experience.

A fresh croissant stuffed with butter and Nutella. Just try this combination once. Great bread hugging the sweetness of hazelnut bejewelled chocolate paste and the saltiness of sinful butter. It is an explosion of joy and delight in the mouth. Reminiscent of the creation of the universe.

I thought I had discovered the ultimate Nutella sensation. I changed my mind the day before.

I opened the fridge at night and took out a small little tub of Nutella which I had got back from Switzerland. I opened the tub. Took out a bit. Licked it. Passed out in joy.

Boy let me tell you that this is an experience which should be allowed only to those who have crossed eighteen. It is one heck of an adult, erotic ride. Nutty,grainy, heady, at times passionate, at times searing ... it is much more that a 'Haselnuss Nougat Creme.

Nutella has to be had straight. It is the ultimate taste in the universe. It is the greatest pleasure known to mankind. You don't need anything with it. Its taste and memory linger on well after you have had it. It is unforgettable.

It is one of the seven deadly sins.


Gia Fernandes said…
Oh you Nutella virgin! I've been having it since I was a kid. Many a playground scrap was fought over this ultimate pleasure.
Have you ever tried the Nutella sandwich, there's a sandwichwallah somewhere in Bombay who sells it (I forget where, but Mumbai Mirror had featured it once.)
I've made it at home a couple of times - best pick-me-up ever! But so sinful that you should not have it more than once or twice a year.
Kalyan Karmakar said…
Sandeepa ... Nutella for grown ups huh :)

C C: my better and more pampered half grew up on it. I had Nutella Waffles at crepe station. The waffles sucked. But who cared!!!
Scarlett said…
@The Knife - Can't believe you'd never had Nutella before! Didn't know there could be a chocolate lover who hasn't tasted Nutella! Nutella has to be had straight out of the jar by the spoonfuls. Try the Nutella hot chocolate at Crepe Station :)
Kalyan Karmakar said…
I have had Nutella before Scarlett. But the last time was something else. Left me blown