Order Order .... Bandra Take out updates

A quick update on Kakori House and Maroosh as a couple of things have changed since I last wrote about them.

I ordered from Kakori House on Saturday night. They informed me that the prices have gone up and SMSd (!) me the new menu. The relevant parts are that the Galawati and Kakori Kebabs are Rs 160 (3.1 USD) and not 130 a plate. Black daal is Rs 110 (2.1 USD) instead of 80. Biriyanis are Rs 160 to 170 ( 3.2 USD) a plate. Used to be 130 ish earlier.

I had written about Maroosh not delivering on weekends. Well we called for two chicken shwarmas (Rs 100, 2 USD) for dinner at 8.30 PM this evening (Sunday). They delivered without a murmur of dissent. Slow business? Anyway who's complaining? Their Shwarmas are the best.

In case you are wondering, our maid and cook, Banu, after loyally being around ever since my toe mishap happened was AWOL for the last time. Must have thought that it was time for the Missus to take over. Hence the take outs