The scent of a Sorpatel

Another 'cheat post'. Am writing this snuggled in the sofa with my feet up on a foot stool. A fractured toe over a bad arm any day if you are a blogger as Agent Green Glass would agree.

Well, I had written about my search for Goan food in Bandra a few days back. A little bird wrote in with a treasure trove of information. I will paste relevant parts of her mail here. This Florence Nightingale of the food world doesn't want her cover to be blown. Though she has agreed to let me share the good news on the good. Lady let me tell you that there would be loads of grateful people out there reading this starting with me. And I can publish a looong post without actually writing it.

So here goes:

"Do visit the Bandra gym for their annual Christmas bazaar 18/19th Dec some yummy homemade fare. A hundred odd stalls!! Sausage pao like in Goa, vindaloo, sorpotel, -- both East Indian bottle masala variety and the Goan ground masala version...just ask the Aunty so u know before you buy! Foodies paradise ..and a lovely prelude to the season of overeating and indulgence!! I zoom in on the sweets of course -- varieties of milk cream, marzipan, guava cheese etc..... yes, some pretty young things doing home made cookies ...choc chip and the like. (I remember that interest fm an earlier blog)

Editor's note: K, interest evinced was on cookies :)

........ some interesting fellows selling home ground masalas chappie comes in from Goa with sausages and stuff...(I look out for him because I buy his goa vinegar) ...some interesting variations in masalas: pepper stew masala ....super cheesestraws from a lady who comes all the way from Vasai - I think Bertyle is her name...Once a yr event so don't miss it. Its an experience for a foodie!

Editor's note: Like Stallone in the Rocky movies I have started to get into training to get my toe ready in time to walk through the fair. Day one was centred around a lovely rub down from a Chocolate Brownie Cheese Cake from Sante. Here's my Facebook status from last night after I ate it: "Sante's Chocolate Brownie Cheesecake... take a bite, and let it be, cherish the mix of sweet milk choc, slight salt of cheese, nutty moments and bitter sparks of the dark side. Let it slowly flow, as a goofy smile of love spreads across you. Then offer the next bite to someone who makes you feel the same way"

Talking about foodie experiences I suppose you will be there at the Uppercrust Show Fri-Sun WTC. I wait for it all yr!!! Gastronomically, December is the best month of the year. Andorra, incidentally makes a very good chicken bBQ... very popular chilly chicken croissants (my flys fav) and I like their roast chic with stuffing -- sold by the quarter portion (whic is just perfect for me) but they make limited qnty of this.

Editor's note: So Andorra isn't the answer for Goan food

There is a tiny place run by a caterer called Neil at the beginning of St Pauls rd selling stuff tht u might be interested in.. opp Toddlers academy...slow down or you wl miss it. he's got an interesting version of potato wedges dipped in breadcrumbs and fried!! with some cheese powder (from these chips shops) in the coating -- a salivating winner! He does prawn potato chops (not too many do it) and a pretty good meatloaf sandwich -- which is actually a beef and bacon ground paste sw -- what we call potted meat!

Editor's Note: Further mails from the witer told me that non members of Bandra Gym can go there at a fee of Rs 80.

I purposely didn't edit the text of the mails. I believe that editing kills the essence and soul of a writer. Most abbreviations in the mail are common to what most of us who read blogs are aware of, and use in our daily communication. You will agree that the mail was a rivetting read.

I have began rounding up a Finely Chopped gang for Bandra Gym.


Shaswati said…
Sounds good - thanks for sharing :)
Sharmila said…
Hmmmpppfff again for that Bandra gym do. :-)
Am off to gorge on some great phuchkas and food back home. Hope that toe is behaving. :-)
Kalyan Karmakar said…
Shaswati...most welcome, hope you can make it

Sharmila, Phuckkas...original? or customised? Toe is behaving though I think I am supposed to be more inert
the knife, hope the toe is better. i'm on for the finely chopped brigade. you have one member who's already jumping around, waiting to feast.
S said…
hi there...thanks for the heads up on the bandra gym christmas bazaar! am looking forward to it now. hope the toe's better now...take care.
sheba said…
nice post....
Kalyan Karmakar said…
Hey AGG, that's great. Rahul & irin should be on too. We can have our fill of pork and then shift to dimer debhil and motton kosha on the 25th

S, thanks toe is better. Specially I managed a couple of outing tos candies and gloria's yesterday

Thanks Sheba, I was just the medium in this post