Sons of our fathers

I am watching Kylie Kwong's 'My China' right now on Discovery T&L. An amazing episode.

This Australian based chef has come to her ancestral village in China. Apparently her parents were born in Australia. They didn't know for ages that their families had come from the same village in China! The look of happiness and joy on Kwong's face, at what she calls her homecoming, is spontaneous, sincere and infectious. She is cooking an 'Australian Chinese' dish for her Chinese cousins on TV as I write!

As I watched the programme it struck me that I would so like to go to Borishal in Bangladesh where my father was born. Go back again to Dhaka where my mother was born (I have made two or three small trips there). Canterbury in the UK where I was born. And Rasht in Iran where I had lived as a kid for a year. Iran is also where K's ancestors came to India from centuries back.

Would be amazing to go back to these places and write about them.