When a bench is more than just a bench

I fractured my toe after doing a Humpty Dumpty in the shower on Wednesday morning. My new car was pressed into ambulance service in its first morning. That was the last I saw of the car till today.

I have been cooped in at home since then. I could hobble around but couldn't go out. Thankfully it was a toe and not a finger. So I could write at least. But virtual connections work up to a point. I needed to go out. Even it was for two minutes.

Today was Saturday. K was at home. And our driver, The Great Salami (with apologies to Simon Majumdar) , had come. So off we went in Princess Leia, our new car, to Candies, hundred metres away from home. I limped the few feet from the gate at Candies and flopped into our favourite bench by the door.

The chicken sandwich, coffee, petite four and sausage puff were incidental. K had got food for me from Candies on day one too. I could have had the stuff at home. But then I would not be in the happiest restaurant in the world. And in my favourite spot over there.
There is more to food than food after all.

The sheer relief of being able to do something as normal as our Saturday breakfast was amazing. The joy of being outside home. At a warm place full of fuzzy memories. Connecting with the routine. The way life should be.

I stretched out languorously and put my feet up on the rails below the table. The smile widening as K came with a tray of goodies. As the Beatles said, 'all my troubles seemed so far away'. The half an hour that we spent there was just what the doctor ordered. Chatting. Taking in the open space and the chirpy sun. All the happy faces around us. The parents who had plonked their kids on the bar stools. The two two feet tall sisters with huge glasses bigger than their faces, eating earnestly by themselves. The three size zero teens making place for their chubby and glowing friend and her overloaded tray. Faux mistletoe, twinkling lights and a Christmas tree. It was the most wonderful time of the day.

A time to feel thankful that it was just a toe.

Post Script: This is an old picture. The table has new tiles on it now.


Scarlett said…
It's when you get disabled that you begin valuing the things you've been taking for granted. Been there, done that. Except for me, it was an ankle apart from a toe :)
Kalyan Karmakar said…
I'd sprained my ankle in school. Its much worse than a toe.

Some friends had dropped in last evening. Prison break
spice and more said…
Hey snap! And I mean that literally as I too have fractured a toe last weekend. In my case it came from accidentally kicking the wheel of a shopping trolley while trying to push it through the car park weaving between crazy drivers on a stinking hot day. This was the morning of my daughters birthday party (or parties as we also had a dinner party after the 25 kids went home). I thought it was sore...and it was only about 12 hours later that I looked at it and saw how swollen and purple it had become by then. Tape my friend...taping toes together for support and around the front part of your foot is what I can definately recommend. Although your 'treatment' of eating lots of pastries sounds pretty darn good too.... :)
Swastik Rath said…
Take Care.. Lots of Home Delivered Food is what the Doctor ordered. btw, which car did you get?
Pinku said…
Yeah which car did you get???


That breakfast sounds so good and nice. AM tempted big time.
Kalyan Karmakar said…
Hey Pinku, Swastik...thanks.We bought a City

Spice & More...gosh that sounds horrible. how did you manage the birthday? I spotted my problem immediately as my toe was pointed at the opposite side after the fall :)

Hope all preparations are fine and that our cracks meet soon :)


esskay said…
Please tell why is Candies such a hot favourite? Not just you but with a lot of people. Had a nightmarish experience today, the first time I dropped in at the place...loud, blaring music and staff hardly interested in taking our orders. This at 3.30 when out tummies were properly in the 'goror goror' mode (everywhere else was closed for lunch). All of them sheepishly averting gaze or nodding away to oblivion but NOT taking our orders. One asked us to wait, and a second later we noticed him gesturing to his pal that he was hungry and was going off, delegating the order taking to no one in sight. 15 mins in that mad rush, loud music and on hungry tummies...not exactly a good start.

Then, the food. The roast was past muster...the drinks too. Poor hubby had a a shock with his korma, well, ok candies is not an Mughlai place, but we were hungry and didn't want to lose the waiter, so ordered whatever was in sight. *sigh...anyway, it looked promising but wish the first time had gone off well. Can't be dragging hubby along again...but yeah dragn chicken sounds tempting. But bad service, bad bad attitude.
Kalyan Karmakar said…
@S, I can completely empathise with what you wrote. Sp if you went on a Sunday afternoon. Things are chaotic then or in the evening. And the food does wilt at times.

Yes the music's loud and it's difficult to talk by. I know others too who went there and felt equally ruffled.

But there is a certain charm at Candies which you can find if you have the patience to look behind the madness :)
IshitaUnblogged said…
Phew I can totally understand... would love to see the bench with new tiles! Actually to be honest I thrive on chaos - so I think this place could well be for me. Costa in Dubai is just another regular chain - but the ones that I've mentioned about - you have to see the place to believe what wreck we make that into. And there's sense of calm that's difficult to find in a throbbing city like Dubai!