Yummy dogs and the joys of last minute shopping

It was the 24th evening and time to shop for Christmas. So off I went to Shoppers Stop, Bandra. My toe had just been unwrapped and I needed a place where I didn't need to move around too much.

Now I can't shop on an empty stomach. So I went to check out a new stall called Yummy Dogs in front of the Mall. Recommended by a couple of food lovers earlier.

I tried a Lebanese Dog. A 'pup' actually. It came with a garlic flavoured and very succulent chicken frank . A subtle hummus and mayo marinade gave the perfect backdrop for the scintillating frank. A bit of salad and a pickled chilly and it was quite a happy mouthful. The bread was from French Loaf and I must say that it was nice and fresh. Call me racist if you want but I chose the white over the brown bread.

All dogs come in two sizes. Regular and Pup. I had the Pup which was Rs 49 (1 USD) and quite filling for an evening snack. They have other flavours like Classic (with barbecue sauce and caramelised onions), Indian (tandoori flavoured darker franks) and Japanese (Teriyaki sauce).

All non veg dogs are made with chicken. They have vegetarian ones too!

My shopping trip was successful and I finally found a top which was extra small and clingy enough for a food writer and wannabe chef's super slim wife. A lost key led me to a fellow blogger, Agent Green Glass' house. I met her and her husband for the first time. They are guests at our 'party' tomorrow night. A couple of rum and Cokes at their lovely house and I was back to the missus who had returned with the keys.

We put our tree up today. My first after ten years at Mumbai. Gifts were exchanged. And I don't have an excuse to go late to work. Still need cotton for snow on the tree before I put up pictures.

Sorpatel, Goan fish curry (to celebrate M's return to fish), meat chops and prawn puffs have been ordered from Candies while the Cloud Cutter's cakes snore in the kitchen.
Merry Christmas everybody.


Sharmila said…
I can't stop this fit of laughter that has hit me with the line 'non veg dogs made with chicken.'. Spray some shaving gel on your tree ... you will get perfumed snow. :-)
Merry Christmas Kalyan & have a great party! :-)
Sharmila said…
Guess it should be 'shaving foam' ;-) LOL
Anonymous said…
Have a wonderful year ahead!
Hope to read more of your recipes and stories in the coming year. :)
Non veg dogs with chicken ..lol
Merry Christmas....n happy new year
Kalyan Karmakar said…
Thanks Arundhati and look forward to reading your stories through 2010

Harman, Sharmila...I found it very funny too, would have been even funnier without the 'non veg ;)

Sharmila...we did manage cotton finally