Barista Bummer

K and I went to the Bandstand Barista yesterday. Thought that sitting by the sea would be a nice change of scene. It was dark by the time we reached. Couldn't see the sea. But could feel the sense of openness which made me fall in love with Mumbai.

First things first. The coffees - hazelnut frappuccino and hazelnut latte - were very nice.

The problem with coffee shops is when you venture beyond coffee.

I ordered a chicken soup in deference to my recent food poisoning. Looked and tasted like steaming, excuse the vision, puke.

K ordered a penne chicken. I had somewhere read that about an old Italian saying which went 'you should always wait for pasta, pasta will never wait for you'. Well pasta made in Vashi, as explained by earnest waiter, was never good idea. It pained me to see two of Mumbai's best pasta cooks accosted by hollow red colored cardboard tubes.

I ordered a almond and raisin muffin to go with my latte. The muffin was good. Raisins? What raisins? And what's with this nuclear mushroom crowd sized muffin? Muffins world over are seen as a dessert option for the weight conscious. A muffin the size of Tuntun defeats the purpose doesn't it?


Scarlett said…
Most of the times, ordering even hot coffee at coffee shops in India is risky. You know what issues I have with coffee shops when it comes to serving hot coffee ;) And no, they won't make it steaming hot even if you ASK THEM to "please make it steaming hot". Grrrrrrr.

The soups & pastas that Barista has started serving look really unappetizing, so I've never ordered them. Their sandwiches are decent fare though not the best in the world. I like their blueberry muffins (they're not very sweet & go very well with coffee) & apple cake.
Kalyan Karmakar said…
Scarlett, I must saw that coffee shops are improving though on the hot coffee part.

We went to CBTL. The chicken ham cumberland sandwich was to die for. We had that a small ice tean and a small decaf cap for about 240. Versus the 400 we spent at barista