Bringing in a decade of togetherness at KL

Too weary to write and it's not really good manners to write when you are sitting with friends and chatting. Landed at KL last night and came to Sasha and Arindam's house. We had dinner at 4.30 am this morning after chatting all night. Sort of amazing given that I had never met them before. Well technically 'met' Arindam once before for a minute of a half. 'Dinner' was morning glory (greens in shrimp paste), brinjals in balchao sauce, telapia in a coconut milk based sauce (yes Chinese) and a heavenly butter pork.

Woke up at one pm. Lunch was roast suckling pig (ethereal soft meat under a crackling crisp skin) and an amazing smoked duck. Starbucks, Ikea and then off to Restaurant Pan Pacific and dinner on the streets... chilly frogs (tastes like chicken but squishier), squids (fried in curry leaves and a south Indian masala) and butter fried prawns which were fantastic.

Now we are chatting happily, tummies smiling.

Turns out that I am the unintended kabab mein haddi (bone in kebab)... childhood sweethearts, hosts par excellence, Arindam and Sasha completed ten years of their wedding today (Sunday)... please join me in wishing them a happy wedding anniversary and many more years of the same...

Will write more detailed posts on the same when I am awake with photos ... so hold on folks


Pinku said…
A long, fulfilled and happy life to both Arindam and Sasha.

And a happy tummy to u Knife.

your posts always bring a smile.