One step new age chicken rezala recipe

I made chicken rezala for the first time the day before after work. Very simple. Oil free. Light if you are convalescing. Stupendously tasty. And its fragrance wafted through the house making it feel like the the Nawab of Oudh's house in Calcutta.

Here's the recipe.

Add 500 g chicken, 100 g whipped curd, paste of two onions, 1 tablespoon of garlic paste (K says it should have been ginger), 1 teaspoon jeera powder, 1 tablespoon salt, 1 teaspoon sugar, two dry red chillies, 3 bay leaves (tej pata), 5 cardamoms (elaich), half a cup of water to a pressure pan.

Keep an eye on the water. Add less than half a cup if your cooker works with that or if you make it an open pan. This is a very delicate dish and is spoilt if too watery.

And wait, there is a secret ingredient. Add two or three drops of rose water before you begin cooking.

Shut pan. Switch on flame. Three whistles on high flame. Twelve minutes on simmer. Done.

Fragrant. Subtle. Light. Delicate. I had it with steamed rice. Could you believe it? That's how tasty it was.

By the way hard core rezala aficionados would swear by ghee (clarified butter) in rezala. You can check Ushnish Ghosh's anthology of rezala recipes for this. My take is that we have not used natural oils enough in Indian cooking. In this case the oils inherent in chicken and onion paste would come to the party. It's a bit like the new age Hindi films which don't have song numbers. Keeps you healthy till you can hit the streets of Calcutta for the real thing.

I had posted a rezala recipe before but had not made it myself then. This I can guarantee.


Sayantani said…
thats a super quick version. I never made Rezala but will make this when Hubby get his sudden hunger pan of something chicken.
Ushnish Ghosh said…
Dear Kalyan
How are you?
I an half back , I mean not fully, I can read blogs , but wont be able to post..This is a great dish, but certainly cant be called Razela without oil...give a new name please such it is fantastic
Kalyan Karmakar said…
Hey Sayantani, hope it works for you :)

Ushnishda!!! Great to hear from you after ages. All well I hope. Look forward to posts from you soon.

You are right. Maybe I should put a qualifier like 'new age'/ 'lite' or something. I feel that we haven't used natural oils (chicken, onion paste in this case) enough. This could be relevant in a time where oil is a bad word.

A new look at Indian dishes perhaps. A bit like the realisation that one can have Hindi films without songs :)
Scarlett said…
I love the subtle flavor of the Rezala but don't have it much at restaurants b/c of the thick layer of oil floating on top. Now, I can make an oil-free version of Rezala at home! Tra la la la la :)
Kalyan Karmakar said…
Scarlett...I can vouch for the fact that you won't miss the oil in this version:) I mean it in a good way
uma said…
Hi Kalyan,
This recipe looks simple n tasty for someone like me who is not good at chicken recipes..
what should I use Ginger or Garlic or Both?
Kalyan Karmakar said…
Uma, I would suggest garlic as it is a Muslim dish. However, if you can't handle garlic then ginger works well too. Dunno if this helps :0
Bong Mom said…
Uff ei rezala ta banatei hobey. Ar ekta rezala o to dekhechi tomar blo ge
Kalyan Karmakar said…
Sandeepa (Bong Mom) It's more or less the same recipe as what I posted earlier. But this time I made it myself so could write with more confidence