Sweet nothings... My Favourite Chocolate and Cake Belles in Mumbai

We had just finished our dinner on Wednesday. For some reason it was a mix of assorted vegetable dishes from the week. I had daal, bhindi (okra), methi (greens) and rice. All this while watching the guys on Highway on My Plate have some very sensuous pork spare ribs. As I ate my daal rice and saw the seductive meat on TV, I could empathise with readers who complained about how the food photos on Finely Chopped make them hungry.

To get over my trauma I reached into a bag of home made chocolates. I took a bite and realised that I am a lucky man. I am the man who knows two fantastic women. One makes the best cakes in Mumbai. The other makes the best chocolates. I had another chocolate and grinned happily. The dreary dinner was a distant memory.

Dilshad the Chocolate Angel

Indian chocolates don't always match up to the best in the world. There are many who make chocolates locally now. But these are often chewy or leave a sandpaperish feel in the mouth. A case in point would be the bag of home made chocolates which we got with our new car. Very pedestrian and has been lying in our fridge for ages.

The chocolates I ate after dinner were something else. Home made. Gift wrapped. Flavours such as nougat, almonds, rum and raisin. Each a bundle of joy. A delight to bite in. The quality of the chocolate would match up to the best in a Swiss Chocolaterie. Each chocolate just melts in your mouth and laves you with a happy feeling which you do not want to end.

They were so good that Kainaz, who has adopted a dessert free existence for a while, had three before dinner and three after. And, despite feeling full today, had three after dinner again. As for me, I resolutely chomped my way though the lacy gift bag without a happy smile smeared across my face.

These chocolates are made by my friend in law, Dilshad from Dadar. (Friend in law = friend of spouse from before marriage). She makes these professionally now and sells them by weight. Her number is 9920212992. She might not take the call when she is at work. But it is completely worth the wait. She takes orders and I would specifically recommend these when you want treat yourself. Or someone who matters. For the rest you can always pick up a box Ferraro Rochers from any store.

Before you say aha, this is a plug for a friend, let me say that I wouldn't have done it unless I tried them myself and loved it. I am willing to stake my reputation when I say that Dilshad makes the best hand made chocolates that I have come across in Mumbai. And consistently so as we have had them more than once.

G the Goddess of Bakes

Well I did say two women. The second one bakes. She has just started baking professionally. Her Christmas cakes, her first attempt, sold off before you could say Ho! Ho! Ho!. I am more partial to the rum balls which she made for me with the same dough plus chocolate. Even if it makes her call me a 'Chocolate Monster'.

And then she made this most amazing birthday cake ... moist, oozing with dark chocolate and bursting with a wonderful whipped cream. This was the cake which won over K. Kainaz wouldn't leave the fridge till the cake got over.

A couple of days later I got K one of her favourite dark chocolate truffle pastries. She took a bite and said "This is not cake. Only G makes cake. All others are fake."

Along with D's chocolates, I would stake my reputation on G's cakes too.

So there you are. A man who knows the woman who makes best chocolates in Mumbai. And the woman who bakes the best cakes in Mumbai. How lucky am I?


You are on a roll this year! Way too many temptations... Lucky you - having 2 such great friends...
Kalyan Karmakar said…
HCOF...lucky me indeed. The last year was amazing indeed. I migt soon be visiting a friend at KL who has invited me to come over and eat. More on that once i get the visa stamps
Ushnish Ghosh said…
Dear Kalyan
I just read it in one breathe,..excellent writing.
have a nice weekend
Pinku said…
I think you know three excellent women in mumbai....

D, G & K who allows you to go on praising other women so much and also lets u touch those chocolates.

I wouldnt have.

Happy eating in KL....will be waiting to hear rather drool over all of it.
Kalyan Karmakar said…
Ushnishda...thanks your comments always make it wothwhile

Pinku...am quite looking forward to KL. Yes I am one lucky man. K is not found of nougat or alcohol in chocolates. That explains my luck in getting a few
Unknown said…
hi Kalyan would you be able to share G's number ? or does she bake exclusively for friends?
Kalyan Karmakar said…
Hi, not sure if she's baking these daya