Weekend wisdom

Blogging might not lead to money but it can lead you to grea curry.

My Sunday started with an SMS from M who read my recent rant against recipe books . My justification for burnt daal apparently inspired her to cook chicken and she very kindly invited me over. K was travelling on work and with this invite I was not left asunder.

Despite the dubious 'inspiration' the chicken curry was delightful and different. Light, slightly tempered with curry leaves and had the tangy edginess of, hold your breath, orange juice! M had decided to find her own path and discovered a very elegant and calm curry in the bargain. M isn't turned on by eating but is excited by the world of food and its culture. No problem. We are there to eat what you conjure :)

An evening of four Bongs from all over the country. We spoke in English. So take that all you Bong baiters who say that two Bongs together would always break into Bangla and start a trade union.

I wonder if there was ever a meeting of Bongs in Mumbai where the city's ersatz biriyani was not bashed and ridiculed. This was no exception.

I coupled my dinner invite with a visit to a convalescing friend next door. And learnt that you don't buy cookies from shops for baking geniuses. Chances are that they would have dragged themselves out of their sickness to bake fresh cookies for you when you have gone to visit them. Thanks G. You are an angel.

A nice end to the week thanks to two lovely ladies.


Anonymous said…
Biriyani in Mumbai!!!Ahem.Its rather coloured rice mixed with chicken/mutton jhol.
Gia Fernandes said…
You're welcome! I hardly had to drag myself. The lovely aromas of cookies baking alone was worth it. I should thank you, for bringing me my favourite Danish butter cookies. Haven't had them in years, so they will be a treat indeed!
mentalie said…
i refuse to believe four bongs spent an evening over a meal and spoke only english. i.m.p.o.s.s.i.b.l.e.