All things bright and beautiful ... CBTL Bandra all day breakfast

I recently wrote about the lousy breakfast that we had at Theobroma, Bandra. I had said then that you could do much better, for the same money, at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf.

Proved myself right on Sunday.

I had to get over the initial chaos at the counter as the staff was a bit uninformed. But, with the use of visual aids such as the menu card, I was able to order myself a mushroom omelet with chicken sausages on the side.
The omelet was one of the best that we have had at diners. Warm and not ice cold. The salt was just right. Not absent as is often the norm. The consistency and texture of the egg was were perfect. K is a big chicken sausage fan and loved the juicy bangers.

The cappuccinos were great as ever. We sat upstairs. Love the colourful, cosy setting. A perfect Sunday breakfast.


Gaurav said…
i like CBTL, i also love these new all day breakfast ideas. it rocks.

you should also try the entrees at Costa. good stuff.
Scarlett said…
My favorite breakfast is what you get at all American diners. Stuffed omelet (you have plenty of stuffings to choose from though my favorite is ham, cheese & mushrooms), bacon on the side, hash browns (the American type), English muffin & pots of coffee. Yummmm...take me to an American diner NOW!!
Kalyan Karmakar said…
Gaurav, I love the coffee at Costa, Prefer CBTL for food though

Scarlett, the only place i can thin of where you can get this here is JATC
Miri said…
Why why why is the omelet not salted at most places??! its not rocket science for heaven's sake!

The breakfast sounds wonderful - there is this amazing place called Amethyst in Chennai (if you ever go) - alfresco all day place on the grounds of an old, beautiful palace which has been converted into a lifestyle boutique. The breakfast there is simply amazing - do try it if you are ever in Chennai.

Or another place called Anokhi.simply rocks!
Kalyan Karmakar said…
Omelettes are not only unsalted, they are normally served stone cold too.

Your description of Amethyst wants me to go to Chennai RIGHT NOW. That takes something I must tell you