Oil Free Bacon Hakka Noodles

This is the link to my cooking video on bacon hakka noodles...with oil

I recently tossed in references to a few dishes that I make. Don't have pics and stuff. But the results are fairly special. Easily made following a few simple steps.

Here's the first, bacon hakka noodles.

  1. Boil 25o g noodles. Set aside
  2. Scramble an egg. Set aside
  3. Take 250 g bacon, separate the fat and put it into a hot non stick pan
  4. Add chopped ginger. Let it heat till the oil begins to come out of the fat.
  5. Add the rest of the bacon
  6. Add some soy sauce
  7. Add the hakka noodles. Stir and see the noodle take the colour of the soy and bacon
  8. Add a cup of chopped veggies (thin strips of capiscum/ bell pepper, spring onions, carrots)
  9. Stir, add a tablespoon of salt. A pinch of ajino moto. 1 tablespoon vinegar. Stir
  10. As the noodles gets crunchy, add the scrambled egg on top, stir and you are done
Oil free? Well I didn't say fat free. But the aroma and taste of bacon in the noodles is heady


mentalie said…
my god you make fat sound good!
ps: want some of mine to stir fry?
Ushnish Ghosh said…
Dear Kalyan
simply awesome , cant wait to make it..
As soon as I land back I will be on it.
Ghosh kaku
Kalyan Karmakar said…
Mentalie...would need loads of oil then

Ghosh Kaku waiting for your Milano tales
Scarlett said…
One suggestion - try & stay away from the ajino moto. It's deadly stuff. It's been banned in most Western countries but restaurants in India continue to use it unabashedly. True it adds taste to Chinese food but it's bad for health - it affects the nervous system, can affect the liver & intestines and can trigger reactions like headache & dizziness even if one isn't allergic to it. It did to me once - I developed a massive headache & my blood pressure shot up like crazy. You can't avoid it at restaurants but can at home.
Kalyan Karmakar said…
Well that's a thought Scarlett. One can try not adding it. It won't fundamentally change the taste. Not like not adding salt after all. Will do that next time.

Not sure if bacon is very healthy either ;)