Baga detox

2nd successive breakfast of black coffee, juice and toast. At Goa!!! Another dry day. Went to beach at one. Couldn't take the heat. Crabby and hormonal. Brito's lunch. Smart choice of chicken over usual prawn bafad. Life began to look up again. Back in beach in evening. At Love Shack of course. Steaming cappuccino and a good read at Barista followed. Sanjeev Bhaskar's well written, well balanced insightful and frank read, 'India'. Dinner in an Arabian Nightlike setting on Baga beach. My smart choice: honey glazed spare ribs. Very well flavoured. K had fantastic goan sausage chilly. Ended the great night licking huge Amore 'small cones'. Waiting for Dr Manisha's kind Fb medical ministrations to kick in. One more day here before we set back on Wed. Hope I can have a drink for the road at least tomorrow night.


Sayantani said…
think it this way, you are enjoying at Goa in Spring. WOW!
Kalyan Karmakar said…
Uma, Sayantani thanks and yes, wow :)