Bring on the nautch girls ... World Cafe, Baga, Goa Feb 2010

We spent most of the day on the beach when we go to Baga, Goa in February. Our favourite spot is the part in the of Baga and Calangute. We have occasionally thought of having dinner on the beach. The shacks put up tables right by the sea, with candle lights. Looks very romantic. We then skip any such thought as the mosquitoes come out.

This time we spotted this very exotic looking shack as we walked towards the Baga side in the evening. It seemed to have little Arabian tents. Open on four sides. Well lit up. Very Lawrence in Arabia meets the Pasha. Majestic. Grand.

We decided to have dinner there one night. It's a place called Word Cafe, Bottle Bay. One the stretch of the beach just after the Tito's lane towards Brittos.

It was quite a night. Felt like a Sultan in the Arabian Night like tent with nice, diffused lighting, comfy divans. I half expected some belly dancers to come and take my order once I clapped. Got an earnest waiter from North India. Pleasant and efficient.

Dinner was surprisingly good too. "Surprisingly" because we had gone there for the ambiance. We didn't expect much in terms of food. We were pleasantly surprised.
K ordered a Goan sausage chilly fry. This was very well flavored. Not over powering. Tasted great and made her wish that they hadn't skimped on the meat.

I was still going 'light' because of my tender tummy. So I had honey gazed pork chops. Light? Yes, light! Pork, yes. Masala, no. A phenomenal dish. An excellent cut of pork. Juicy. Every bite was one of exuberance and joy. It was not too sweet unlike most other honey glazed pork chops. Had a slight hint of mustard and was a very well balanced dish.

World Cafe was an experiment which turned out to be just right. A memorable moment from a memorable place. Felt like royalty that night.


looks sumptuous...pork chops.
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