'Pigs can fly'

Graduated from black coffee and toast to the black brew and sada dosa for breakfast. Then we headed to Literati. Underwhelmed at first as we had visions of a Lilalike cafe. Then overwhelmed as we realised that we were in a 'real' bookshop after eons. Books popped up evrywhere. Bought them by the buckets. A magical place manned by some very sweet staff. And a predictable meeting with fellow Bongs searching for books. Our discovery of the trip. Lunch at Infantaria. Still unsure about the tummy. Risotto not pork chilly fry. Coke not Pork. Could barely believe my own order. Lump in the throat last evening at beach moment. Then back at Infantaria for dinner. Powered by Manisha's medical ministrations. Finally a King's Beer. Pork chilly fry. Roast pork. Now I can leave Baga without my soul haunting it. Its search for pork chilly fry fulfilled.