A requiem for innocence: Armed robbery at Cafe Churchill

Cafe Churchill at Colaba is very close to our hearts. This little continental place with four and a half tables and a big big heart is a perennial favourite of many. I have often eaten at Churchill. As a bachelor with friends. While dating. After we got married. Even now we make it a point to head there whenever we are at South Mumbai. K and I ate there on our last Sunday trip to Town sometime back. We have lot of memories of that little two seater by the cashier which we often managed to get no matter how crowded it was.

Imagine my shock and anger when I opened the papers today and read about the robbery at Churchill. Two men with knives came in at one am, during closing, threatened the cashier (looked like the ever affable Gandhi in the CCTV grabs) and took away his salary and the day's collections. You can read more about this here.

Churchill is one of those spots you can hold onto during these times of chaos, insanity and dehumanisation. It is a shop with its soul. And there are very few of these around.

I don't want to be the one to spoil the party. This is a food blog after all. But the incident raises lots of questions. This happened just a few days after the German Bakery blasts in Pune. Isn't Churchill a favourite with foreigners too? Isn't it located a few hundred metres down Leopold and the Taj where the killers played with lives in Mumbai on 2611? How could two men go in to the shop, brandish knives, steal money and get away with it? What if it was much worse? The robbery raises a lot of questions which will never get answered. To think that Churchill was one of the options that we were looking at when we were at South Mumbai last Saturday for the Kala Ghoda festival.

So here's calling all Churchill lovers to head there soon and have a hearty meal to help the kind souls at Churchill recover their loss. My recommendation would be to go for the sausages with firecracker sauce, prawn newberg and gooey chocolate cake. What's your favourite at Churchill?


Scarlett said…
Sausages in firecracker sauce & gooey chocolate cake for me too. I also like their quarter pounder - as they're one of the very few places that serve a REAL (read beef) burger. It's really sad they got robbed but I'm sure the queues outside Churchill during lunch & dinner times will help the restaurant get right back on its feet!
k said…
Peach ice tea too :)
I have been to other places in town but have just heard about the Churchill, since recommendations which are given is pretty ohfff my thing i'd love to be. Btw do they serve booze as well ??
Kalyan Karmakar said…
Hu Push v Pull... great place no booze
Haddock said…
Oh had been there once.