I am not sure if two people can be construed as a 'mob'. Especially when the 'entourage' had twice the number of people. (Note to self: must stop watching 'Living with a Superstar' featuring SRK on Discovery T&L.) Still it was my moment. And I must savour it. I never did claim to be a faceless blogger, diligently typing away into the night, hidden under the shroud on anonymity after all. So here's what happened.

K, my in laws and I were ambling down the road from our house to 5 Spice. We just hit Pali Market when a youngish gentleman looked at me and gave a big smile. He came up to me grinning while I desperately tried to place him.

"Hey aren't you the person who writes a blog on food? I often read your blog. I haven't commented yet but I read it regularly"

He shook my hand and pointed out to a lady who was beside him.

"This is my wife".

I smiled idiotically, not sure what was going on. The lady spoke.

"My husband often reads your blog"

I returned the honours and did a round of intros.

"My in laws, my wife Kainaz."

"Of course. We have seen her on the blog"

Another handshake.

"I'll definitely comment on your blog next time".

They moved on. As did we. My mouth was open till I reached 5 Spice. Through dinner too (burnt chilly mixed fried rice - enough for 3, Thai fish curry green, very nice lamb in black bean sauce and huge prawns in Hong Kong Sauce. Preceded by crab in sweet corn soup and Tom Yum prawn soup).

But I digress. My mouth's still open. Thanks for letting me indulge in a bit of vanity. I was mighty mighty thrilled.

Thanks Sumit and Smita. You guys made my day, month and year.


this is something so nice!!..people..when recognize u through your blog and you have such a nice way of definitely makes u feel happy..
Lazy Pineapple said…
hey wow...congratulations for your time in the spotlight. So were in-laws duly impressed ?
Sharmila said…
Wow! Must be some feeling ... huh? Congrats Kalyan and Finely Chopped ... u guys are getting famous! :-)
5 Spice said…
This blog has helped you connect with people from all walks of life! Expanding your horizon!
The Happy Fork said…
Just goes to say that you are making many more people happy than u think you are! World's a happier place cos of folks like you
Aparna S Mallya said…
lol. Felt like a celebrity, eh?
Daniel D'Mello said…
Ah, I remember the first time someone recognised me from my blog. Feels good doesn't it? :-)
Scarlett said…
Didn't I say you're a "celebrity blogger"? Congratulations! And no better place to celebrate your first moment of celebritydom than 5 Spice!
Pinku said…
thats so cute....
Moonshine said…
Congratulations again!!! Alternate career i tell you!!!
Bong Mom said…
Celebrity, hanh and that too in the heart of Mumbai !!!
Kalyan Karmakar said…
Thanks folks. Coming to terms with waking up, stepping out for breakfast and noone recognising me. Short lived fame huh :)

Thanks Harman

L P they were when I first introduced them to 5 Spice, their now favourite restaurant

Thanks Sharmila

5 Spice absolutely. Made some wonderful friends through the blog in the last year or so

Happy Soon, you happy. Me happy

Aparna ... giggle

Daniel ... as Sanjeev 'Kumar' would
say, 'from one celebrity to another, how did you deal with it' ;)

Scarlett, was celebrating the birthday of a special person there

Moonshine, someday hpefully

Pinku Thanks

Bong Mom, Ahem, not just Bombay, base of Pali Hill :)
Sumit said…
Hehe, you forgot to mention strikingly handsome in my description :)

Jokes aside, it was a pleasure to meet you!

Lets meet again sometime for dinner at a place of your recommendation.

Bye for now,
Kalyan Karmakar said…
@Sumit: LOL now that wouldn't be fair to Smita would it?

Yes, we must meet. And eat.

Miri said…
Woo HOo! what an honour!!

and please one more note - do stop watching the SRK series ;)
Kalyan Karmakar said…
@Miri...can you imagined how starved one is for entertainment on Telly