Phuchka vs Paani Puri... Playing tonight at IPL

The Kolkata Knightriders play Mumbai Indians in Mumbai tonight.

All sort of plays are involved in Mumbai, the most cosmopolitan of Indian cities. So you have Delhiite SRK, who made his fortune in Mumbai, now owning the Kolkata team. You have ex Kolkatan and current Mumbaikar, Maity, off to Brabourne where the match will be played. Any guesses who he'll cheer for? Ten years plus in Mumbai but my loyalties lie with Kolkata, or Calcutta as it is to me. Is there a Canterbury team anywhere?

But it is tough to be a Ganguly and Knightriders supporter. Especially when his repeated blinking doesn't give him clarity of vision. When he strides ahead as he did in his glory days, wields the mighty willow and when the ball then drops gently three feet in front instead of sailing to the boundary. But one will still stick by this mercurial man who introduced spunk to Indian cricket. There is nothing more painful than seeing an aged and wounded tiger hounded in the jungles he once lorded in. But then this is a man who never dropped his gaze. A man who was legendary for standing up for team. A man who loved a challenge. Who knew how to give it back.

The truth is that he doesn't evoke much faith today. He might flicker in the odd match but the flame is almost gone. Sure there are ten other players. But to me KKR is all about Dada. So I don't view the match with much hope. If we win, I'll be happy. If we lose, I'll know that there are some battles which we will win. For example ....

  • Phoochka vs Paani Puri
  • Muri alur Chop vs Vada pao
  • Shiraz vs Lucky
  • Malai Curry vs Koliwada
  • Bar-B-Q vs 5 Spice (Scarlett, I am willing to trade places)
  • Hot Kathi Roll Vs Tibb's Franky
  • Mishti Doi vs Shrikhand
  • Kookie Jar Vs Theobroma
  • Flurys Vs Gaylords
  • Mocambo's Bhetki a la Diana Vs Out of The Blue Penne Pesto (a very narrow margin)
  • Paturi vs Patrani
  • Jhal Mudi vs Bhel
  • Mukhorochok Jhal Paapri Dalmut Vs Garlic Sev
  • New Friends Vs Shiv Sagar
  • Ilish vs Pomfret
  • Luchi alur dom vs poori bhaji
  • Kosha Mangsho Vs Mutton Kolhapuri
  • Oh Calcutta vs Viva Maharashtra

As my friend, Mota, says, IPL's not about cricket after all.

What are your Kolkata Vs Mumbai Prize Fights?

Post match update:

  • The man they call God Vs Dada


Daniel D'Mello said…
Just curious. Is there a Bengali version of Sol Kadi?
The Happy Fork said…
Kalyan Karmakar said…

@Manisha, Let's discuss that during Extraa Innings (PS, Its Kolkata :))
Scarlett said…
I'll trade places with you on 3 things - 5 Spice, Theo & Out of the Blue. And Lucky too if you change it to Noorani's Chicken Tikka Masala Biryani!!

I never liked Calcutta Biryani :)
Amitabha said…
Knife: Sol kadi vs aam pora'r shorbot?
Kalyan Karmakar said…
Scarlett: Noorani!!!!!!!!!!!! Do you come to praise biriyani or bury it?, I like sol kadi :)
Sharmila said…
Hey .. not fair. I came here expecting to find some tempting phuchkas. Your post title decieved me ... no ... did not read it full as I don't care for the IPL. :-(
Kalyan Karmakar said…
@Sharmila... once the Pune team starts off you can put your Kol vs Pune food list ;)
Pinku said…
I like bombay for the city and kolkata for the fight here.. and err like sharmila dont care too much for the IPL.
Swastik Rath said…
hmm..btw I was in Canterbury last week :-)
Kalyan Karmakar said…
@swastik... wow, it's my dream to go back one day and see the Canterbury Hospital where my dad worked and where I was born...and our house, 3 The Gap. Hope they have preserved it :)
Miri said…
Jhal Muri vs Bhel Puri? - Ha ha ha ;)
Kalyan Karmakar said…
@Miri...or Bombil fry over fried hilsa...the former powers Ten after all