Pulao Party update

Good karma. Opened the blog so that Kirti could help me with the sidebar. Saw it was fixed!!!!!

And the Thai curry is a success. Starter - sausages sauteed in ketchup lemon grass, Thai brinjal, galangal and bird chilies is a hit. Both my own recipes. Mangsho looks good. Pulaos have turned out to be great. Conversation, juice and spirits are flowing while I type this

Tonight's a good night.


Unknown said…
I need photographic evidence so that I can drool. I have gone without cooking since yesterday, this is the longest I have been without any kitchen action. I am not counting the throw-in-the-oven grilled fish I made today. In a few minutes going downstairs to this pub and getting high on wine and vodka. I don't have to drive, just take the elevator back, so I can mix drinks. :-)
Happy Fork said…
sounds divine
ab$hake said…
Your blog is always a delight to read though it gets me hungry every single time.

One of my friends ( we both love your blog) tried your bengali pulao and she said it turned out awesome. I am going to try it out too. Seems like a nice recipe and I havent really cooked a veg pulao per se.
Kirti said…
Didn't do much on the blog as it corrected itself (my reputation preceded me!).

Needless to say, Kalyan and Kainaz are the most incredible hosts. Can't decide which is better - the food or the hosts.
Kalyan Karmakar said…
@Pree: Your pulao recipe was so perfect. Went off very well. As did the rest helped by Jack

@Happy Fork :)

@Ab$hake: It's Preeoccupied's recpe actually ...try it and thanks :)

@Kirti: Are you joking. You will be a permanent fixture here thanks to Inakshi's divine eclairs