A Perfect Bite over the weekend... Finely Chopped in the news

It started with a teaser on Facebook and an SMS from Singapore. A trip to the local news stand on Sunday on the way to a CBTL pancake breakfast. Very well made, delicate, left you hungry. And there it was... Rushina's article on Food blogging on Times of India's Crest edition. Featuring a certain Finely Chopped. Authored by a certain 'proud Bengali', married to a Bawi. Who, incidentally, came up with the name Finely Chopped and registered this blog a couple of year's back.

The Blog word is full of folks who lead a double life. Ditching their Clark Kent glasses to indulge themselves on their blog. Well Rushina Munshaw Ghildiyal is one of those who has actually crossed over and has actually worked hard to live her passsion. Food blogger, food writer, food consultant, chef, food entrepreneur ... here's her blog, A Perfect Bite, which has grown to become a fascinating discussion board for Rushina and her team.

And these are some photos I took off the Crest article:

Thanks Rushina :)

Here's the link to the article. I found this on the page of Purple Foodie who features here. Purple Foodie, wrtten by Shaheen, is probably one of the highest ranked food bloggers on Indiblogger. Check her site for some amazing bake pics. And if you bake any then please send me some.