What's your Coffee Shop story?

Someone who is planning to open a coffee shop at Bandra hesitantly wrote in to me a few days back. She wanted to know about what I like in, and look for in, coffee shops. This set me thinking. We spend a lot of time at Coffee Shops actually. As do our friends. I have put down here what I wrote to her. Would love to know what do you look for in coffee shops, favourite places, stories, from Mumbai and across the world. So do write in. After all a coffee shop is often all about conversations.

"Saw your E yesterday. Didn't want to shoot off a few lines in a hurry. Of course you can write in :0 That's why I put up the i d. Love the chats that followed after I put it up. 

I am excited to hear about your plans to open a coffee shop at Bandra. My wife and I, and our friends, are 'coffee house people'. Well do factor in the fact that we are in our mid 30s and probably have less time and things to do than we did a decade back. My feedback would reflect our demographic. 

So what do we like in coffee shops?

I guess a bit of this is defined by the image of Central Perk in FRIENDS. Just as Pop Tates in Archies defined the 'good life' for a number of us while growing up in pre-liberalisation India.

As you mentioned, Bandra has quite a few favourites. Gloria Jean's as you said. The jury is divided on Theobroma, the other place that you mentioned. Then there is Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. And you did not mention Candies!!! :) Candies can be quite maddening in the evening and afternoons but is beautiful in the mornings. It's a bit like a marriage. you need to work on it :)

So coming back to what works for us in cafes? Sink in sofas. Quirky furniture. Odds and ends unlike the military precision of Baristas and the CCDs. Muted colours. Though the Goan Poruguese blue of Candies is quite cheerful too. Good coffee. Hot. Not too expensive. Rs 50 - 100 is a ball park range. Light music, if at all. Not M J blaring at you. Bandra'ites will know what I am talking about.
The place should be neat and clean. There is nothing more bugging than stained sofas, plates with unfinished food on empty tables, food on the floor. A nice Starbucks like aroma of coffee. Air conditioning that works. A clean loo. Gloria loses out on this as they do not have a loo. Wi fi. Magazines, newspapers... off beat stuff beyond Mid Day and Femina.  Some individual seats, like the bar stools in Candies, for crowded moments. A sit out for smokers I guess.

The quality of staff is very important. For some reason, a number of us in urban India, especially in coffee shops and restaurants, speak to the staff in English. So you need at least one person who can speak properly to guests. AND knows the menu. There is nothing more irritating than coming across a waiter who can't answer your questions about the menu. Most coffee shop folks tend to be regulars and it makes a world of difference when the waiters begin to recognise you, welcome you with a genuine smile and know your preferences. They should not make you feel rushed. Which, honestly, doesn't happen in any of the coffee shops we go to.

When it comes to food, quality is more important than range. Fresh stuff versus stale packed sandwiches. Ideal would be if you have a fresh counter the way CBTL, Bagel Shop or Candies (Hot breakfast) have. Sandwiches, omelettes, some small bites. Candies is the only one which has decent puffs, quiches, chops and other salty munches. CBTL scores on their fresh sandwiches, even though more expensive. You need some lettuce stuff and herbal teas for the salad crowd. And some tempting desserts for those who like to believe in La Dolce Vita. I don't know about others but I like the bite of something sweet with my coffee. Candies won my heart with the tiny petite fours, cup cakes and tarts that they give complimentary with their coffee. Good cookies. The only folks to have good cookeis are Cookie Man. And they aren't a coffee shop. Most other places falter on cookies. How can you have coffee without cookies!!!?? Don't get me started on this.

In other words a mix of Candies for food and chirpiness, Gloria's for coffee and cosiness and Coffee Bean for all four, though at a slightly higher price.

So all the best and look forward to your cafe. We are running out of tables at Coffee Shops in  Bandra"


Piggy Little said…
comfort, a good ambience, a nice view and no hurry of being shuffled out after you have finished your coffee. i know so SO SO many places which just are unceremonious enough to chuck you out as soon as you have gulped your last sip.
a place to relax with friends (physical or virtual), wifi, news paper and good coffee and hot chocolate... I love starbucks for all of that!
Scarlett said…
Oh I could go on & on about this. Coffee shops are one of my most favorite places to spend time at in the world. I used to spend 3-4 hours at coffee shops everyday when I was in college. All my studying was done there, and they were well-mannered enough to not hustle their customers to "order more NOW" or "get the hell out" as soon as they were done w/ their coffee. Coffee shops in India are pathetic & make me want to grind & french press the heads of the owner as well as the waiters!!

Here's my list...

1) Music that's tempered down & lets people make conversation or read their book or work on their laptop...things that people go to a coffee shop for, in the first place.

2) NO BOLLYWOOD MUSIC PLEASE. And definitely not Bollywood music from the 80s!!

3) Waiters that aren't retards, who understand the customer's order, get it right the first time & who can answer your questions about the coffee that they serve!

4) A place where hot coffee is served "hot" & not lukewarm.


6) Your coffee should taste like coffee, not like bitter hot water.

7) Shouldn't hustle customers to order more or leave as soon as they're done w/ their coffees.

8) I like my coffee shops to have a quaint, langurous feel to them. But then, that might be asking too much from Indian coffee shop owners who know nothing about coffee shops.

Most of these you would've guessed already :)
Bombay Foodie said…
I am with you on the "hot" coffee. Too often, coffee is lukewarm when it gets to the table.
Sharmila said…
Some place where one can have quiet mornings .. no blaring music, in fact no music at all. I like to hear the small clink and clank of cutlery as the staff go about doing their work. And some cosy chairs/sofas and warm colours. And real hot coffee ... not MWed hot .. with some great fluffy omelette and the softest doughnuts. Guess am asking for too much. :p
(There! ... my word for Word verification is 'asking'! )
Kalyan Karmakar said…
HOT COFFEE IS A MUST. Agree with all

Sharmila, loved the imagery of the 'clink and clank of cutlery'

@Scarlett, Piggy Little... do you get hustled often. I must confess that I have not felt pressured at most places I go to. Never stayed for more than half an hour though
Kalyan Karmakar said…
@Somoo...yes Satrbucks is a fav of ours

@Simran: lukewarm coffee, ugh
k said…
There's nothing worse than lukewarm cappuccino.
Pinku said…

just the thought of a nice cozy coffee shop brings a smile.

My fav here in Delhi is Cafe Turtle....a coffee shop on top of a book store at khan market and also at GK.
The menu though on the expensive side is good and global....u wont be disappointed by either the coffee or other beverages or the munchies. But the price does pinch.

Its got some old world furniture, teamed with money plants in green wine bottles and thangka paintings on the wall (for sale)

no one is ever hustled off....
and they have AC and open air zones so it works well in both summers and the few good weather months we have here in delhi.
Bong Mom said…
Ei coffer dokan e alur chop ar muri paoa jabe na ? Kancher glass e cha ar tar sathe duti purono anandomela ? Achcha Traget bole ekti magazine ki ekhono paoa jai ?