Aidy Mole where are you ... The Diary of someone well over 13 3/4 years old

Well nothing much to write about.

The melancholy of monsoon's setting in. Mumbai has been as damp and gloomy as it could be. No new eats. No new cooking. Pa in law's birthday yesterday brought in some tandoori and gulab jamoon cheer. But it needs a lot more. For two of my favourite people are leaving town. One, my first editor. The other my food partner in crime at work. The end of an era as Joey said in FRIENDS. Plus something that I was really looking forward to around the area of food blogging didn't quite work out.

Right now my writing table is out of the study. In the drawing room. Can't lock myself and write. My photo 'studio' is submerged under a Tsunami of bowls, biscuit jars and glasses. Teenage angst a reality in the middle of the thirties.The writing Mojo's gone. Missing my solitude. Typing and retyping. The juices are dry. Typos rampant. Trying to type with conversation directed towards me in the background. I know it's rude. Not filial. Vijay of Deewar would disapprove.

Admiring mummy bloggers as I type. How do they do it? Yet knowing that it's not quite right to think this way. Little worries in the universe's scheme of things. Regret is a difficult cross to bear. But still...

I was probably the only Bengali who didn't know that there was a Brazil Portugal FIFA match this evening. Probably the only Bengali who watched a part of the match from the treadmill. Probably the only Bengali who didn't watch the match till the end. Who thought that it was a knock out match and SMS'd a friend to know what happened in extra time. And was chided for being so uninformed. I guess I will loose my union card for that.

But then I am one of the few Bengalis in Mumbai tonight who will have aloo posto, machher mudo diye daal, rui bhaaja and bhaat for dinner. So take that.

Talking of the gym I made myself a nice snack of pan toasted (oil free) bread sandwiched with feta, pine nuts, California raisins and finely chopped tomatoes in between returning from work and going to the gym. Tasty and power packed.  Mummy bloggers, give it a try. Should make a nice office lunch too.