Little Jack Horner .... Hummus & Lavash, Sante Bandra

After my experiments with feta and couscous my thoughts turned to something else that I thought to be a good alternative for office lunch. Hummus and Pita bread. I am fairly fond of this combo as I find it to be light and non taxing. Ideal for lunch at work.

My favourite place for Hummus and P is Maroosh at Carter Road. Love their chicken shwarma too, The Falafel chain is another decent option. Problem is that neither is close to where I work.

Then I got the idea of picking the Hummus (Rs 55, 1 USD) which the folks at Sante make. They didn’t have pita bread so I picked wholewheat lavash (Rs 50/ 1 USD). Milanda of Sante suggested that I freeze the hummus for a short while in the morning before leaving for work.

Turned out the be a nice lunch option. The hummus was thicker in texture than at Maroosh. Less Olive Oil perhaps. Overall it was light and creamy. Stayed fairly well overnight. Turned out to be a good option, just as I imagined. Did get a bit monotonous for the last few bites though. Slightly more than what one person can eat. The Lavash was fairly tasty. Finished half the pack. Munched on the rest when hungry. It didn’t have paprika or chopped olives which a Maroosh puts. Possible because its pre-packed.

Sunayana made some interesting suggestions on the Finely Chopped Facebook page. Will try that next time. Good to have discovered another nice lunch option for work.

Sunayana Sarkar: (Couscous) my favourite... you are on a Mediterranean roll for lunch these days..
Try throwing roasted red pepper with hummus in the processor... you get a kick.
For healthier version, I add Greek yoghurt instead of tahini.
Drizzle a bit of cumin and sesame or olive oil on top for dip with pita... or celery or baby carrots (for healthier choice)
Also you this is a spread for the cucumber, tomato, etc sandwich.

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