The Mummy Returns

Immigrants world over long for a taste of their own land. Even if they are just at the other end of the same country as I am.

My mom landed in town this morning. She came bearing gifts of much sought after masalas and the very uniquely Bengali snacks of Dalmut and Nimki which my granny sent for us.

And Nolen Gurer Norom Paak Shondesh which my Mesho (uncle in law), one of the biggest heaerted people I know, bought for us and left with my mom late last night.

I had a bite after lunch today. Heaven. Thanks Mesho even if you don't read this. You are one of the best.


Unknown said…
My father in law is coming today. I can't wait till he opens his suitcases. :-)

Ektu mishti-sandesh de na re...
Shaswati said…
wow! lucky you! :)
shubho sengupta said…
my mom-in-law brings crap dripping in oil. also silly polka-dotted shirts which i pass on to the driver.
Gia Fernandes said…
I like this, I've had it at Sweet Bengal. It's made with jaggery right?

@Shubho - I hope your wife doesn't read this blog :D
thats so very cute...lovely..Moms r angels!
Pinku said…
lucky you :)

Shubho sure has courage...raw courage or is this called something else?
Rhea said…
Mmmm.. I saw Mukhorochok chanachur and got mucho excited!!

Tried the orange packaged "tok-mishti" flavor? That's a must for my folks to send for me. :-)

And talk about Nolen Gur'er shondesh!!! I like the "kora pak" ones with the gur oozing out of the center.

Khide peye gelo! :-(
enjoy the trip from Mom and the goodies too!
Kalyan Karmakar said…
@Harman, Pinku, Rhea: :)

@Rhea: this was norom paak but melt in your mouth. The other advantage of Kora Paak is that it stays well longer

I am a 'jhaal paapri' fan